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Lets Talk Sense About Cure

If we have a disease or a serious problem in our body treating the symptom will only provide temporary relief, the symptoms will reappear. To eliminate the symptoms and the disease we must eliminate the cause of the disease. Conventional medical practise seems very centred on dealing with the symptoms in serious diseases or malfunctions or/and removing the organ or body part or tumour.

To eliminate the cause, or better still to prevent it happening in the first place, we need to get back to the basics.

What are the essential things we cannot live without?

  1. Air.
  2. Water.
  3. Food.
  4. Blood, and a heart to pump it around.
  1. The more polluted the air is that we breath in the sooner we will die and the more likely we are to develop a disease, we will not be as healthy as someone breathing fresh air.
  2. Water in our modern high tech western world is becoming more and more polluted with fertilisers, pesticides poisonous waste from factories and effluent leaching into our water supplies.
  3. The food we eat is often preserved (with chemicals), packaged (with plastic), stored for long periods, sprayed with chemicals, grown with artificial fertilizers, or we eat junk food.
  4. Our blood is a carrier for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, and toxins, in a healthy body these are dealt with by the immune system. When our immune system is depleted due to overdoses of pathogens and toxins, and pesticides, and other pollutants it is unable to fulfil it's proper function in warding off these pathogens, and disease sets in. Incredible as it is, among the toxins come prescribed antibiotics and other medicines.

The AIR we breath is affected largely by where, and the circumstances we live and work in. You have only to look through a beam of light coming through the window to see how much dust is floating in the air you breath; this in particular can affect asthmatics. In the home or the car a simple device called an 'air ioniser' can reduce this greatly (20 pounds plus postage from the UK and upwards, check the internet).

We need to purify the WATER we drink, and drink plenty a day. Distilled water and boiled water will remove the germs but it is dead water and the minerals have been removed in distilled water. The best way to go, as I see it, is to have a good filter and add a little colloidal silver to kill any germs. There is an article on my website for making your own Colloidal Silver, it is an antibiotic that kills 650 different known viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens and does no harm to the body. Colloidal silver is not toxic like other antibiotics, which only kill a limited number of germs. (Web search the Internet - colloidal silver, and Dr Robert C Beck).

Another interesting device is a 'water ioniser', this separates WATER into acid and alkaline components, the alkaline water is good to drink because it kills viruses due to its higher oxygen content and it penetrates our cells better, due to its smaller molecule structure. It is especially beneficial to those who are middle aged and over because our bodies become acidic with the build up of toxins, by drinking alkaline water it breaks down the acidic build up and leaches it away including the toxins. The acidic build up is what causes arthritis. (Web search the Internet - water ionisers, alkaline water, Healthtronics). My article 'water ioniser' describes how to make your own ioniser.

The types of food that will build up the immune system are salads, vegetables, fruit, and sprouts, which is sprouting seeds and beans. (Web search - sprouting, broccoli seed (if you can get it), alfalfa, etc, immune system).

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs are sources of excellent antioxidants, which help to purify the blood by removing some of the toxins and heavy metals and viruses. CHLORELLA, spirulina and ginseng are good hebs to take. Check them on the Web. Acidophilus yoghurt is another need, especially when treatment is by antibiotics,

Wouldn't it be good if we could purify our BLOOD, after all that is the fluid that carries oxygen and nutrients around the body, gets rid of unwanted stuff through the liver and kidneys, and most of our body is dependant on it including our brain. Even our hair depends on the blood supply, which is why older people start balding, have you noticed how many young men are going bald nowadays. It is to do with the toxic, acidic build up in our blood vessels, and if our major organs require more blood it is diverted from the less necessary areas, the hair. In fact we call it 'our life blood'.

Why do we age? Is it because our blood is less pure and unable to supply our organs and other body parts with the life force they require?

Can we purify the blood? Yes, according to Dr Robert C Beck, who read a report on the research of a couple of Doctors, which was immediately suppressed because it was not a drug. Being a clever fellow 'Bob' decided the process could be done differently, and easier by zapping the viruses in our blood with a small electric frequency through the skin. Figure it out for yourself - web search - Dr Robert C Beck, Healthtronics, Jaguar enterprises, - Look for 'blood purifier', 'super zapper'.

Are you interested in anti ageing or reverse ageing, that is getting younger and healthier, being free of colds and flue, arthritis and asthma?

Would you like to get rid of, or stay immune from killer cancer and candida, and the many other diseases that plague our society?

Just research the above items. It is easy as, to research on the Internet. If you are not on the Internet, get on, you don't have to keep paying, just use it for a month or so. Haven't got a computer, use a friends one, go to an internet cafe (use the yellow pages), hire one; they're not too dear. This article has been kept brief on purpose, but it is the result of considerable research on the Internet, and that after reading books on alternate modalities of healthcare from the library.

I have never been keen on diets and eat green. After the initial outlay, I can keep healthy by drinking filtered ionised alkaline water, to detoxify my body and provide antioxigents and remove and prevent acidic build-ups, take a spoonful of colloidal silver, and use a blood purifying electronic device while I am sitting reading, which should remove any pathogens, I save by preventing most of the ills of the world. You could too.


The information on this and the associated articles are not to be construed as a cure for any specific disease, they are merely my gathering of information on the Internet that I believe makes good sense. If you have a serious health problem you need to consult your medical doctor.

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