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Chicken Pox: Why Do Children Die? mercola.com (shortened from original)

After going over the report, I remembered why I stopped reading medical journals. In each of the three cases the young boys started out with fevers and/or other minor inflammatory conditions.

Following each regimen of antibiotics, analgesics, or steroidal medications their condition grew progressively worse.

The doctors responded to each new symptom with yet another drug, until the children died.

Having an understanding of Natural Hygiene (note: it is briefly described by Harvey Diamond in his best seller, Fit For Life), I understood why the children got progressively worse from the drugging. But even equipped with a rudimentary understanding of the principles of N.H., one would realize that chicken pox is not a fatal disease, but rather a very common, benign inflammatory condition. And fatalities-as rare as they are-must actually result from inappropriate care, or the kinds of aggressive medical interventions described in the MMWR report.

Food And Drugs Are Contraindicated

During the more acute and involved forms of toxemia, such as measles, chicken pox, fever, or flu, the liver is much too busy neutralizing toxic wastes to be bothered with digestion of food. Therefore, to facilitate the elimination of this waste, fasting on distilled water is essential in such cases. This accounts for the lack of digestive juices produced, and the loss of appetite that accompanies these illnesses.

(Dr. Mercola Note: Please be very clear that distilled water is not appropriate for long term use. You should use bottled spring water or filtered water.)

After cells have been damaged by the toxic wastes, it is important for bacteria-acting as scavengers-to attack and devour the weakened, injured and dead cells. Otherwise, these dead cells would become accumulated toxic waste themselves.

Therefore, antibiotics and other bactericides must not be administered.

A fast (on filtered or bottled spring water, or at least diluted fruit or vegetable juices) should be continued for twenty-four hours after the temperature has returned to normal.

A good rule to remember is that the bowel can be cleared of toxins (by physic or enemas) in twenty-four hours; the blood in three days; the liver in five days, providing no food is eaten. Shingles ("adult chicken pox"), an eliminative crisis through the mucous membranes that occurs in adults, may require about a week-long fast to completely clear up.

It appears then, that fever, dreaded because misunderstood, is really nature's attempt to help.

It is discomforting, but never does harm; never is attended with serious aftereffects and never should be suppressed with anti-inflammatory drugs or fed with food. I have seen many a case of flu pushed into a pneumonia because some anxious grandmother insisted upon something "to give the child strength", such as chicken broth or a thin starchy gruel, both liquids, of course, but protein and starch-just what the liver cannot handle at this point.

In other words, neither allopathy, nor any other healing philosophy may claim responsibility for "curing" inflammatory or catarrhal diseases. Because the disease symptoms-the remedial actions initiated by our own bodies-themselves represent the "cure".

But more importantly, when Allopathic physicians employ pain killers, fever suppressants, steroids and other drugs-which are sub-lethal doses of poisons-they have the effect of weakening the patient to the extent of checking elimination.

This is a dangerous effect, because the waste products of these germs that have fed on the dead cells, together with the irritation from the toxins themselves may be absorbed into the blood, and irritating the already overworked liver-which is the detoxification center of the body.


It's now plain to see why the children described in the afore-referenced MMWR had died. They were given numerous antibiotics, steroids, antipyretic and antipruritic medications and other fever suppressers, some administered directly into their bloodstreams. Probably they were given food to eat as well, even during the height of their inflammatory responses.

The CDC admits that children don't die from chicken pox per se, but rather "complications" from chicken pox. But what they don't say is that these complications are all derived from acute blood toxemia established by the very treatments used by allopathic physicians. So strictly speaking, all children that die, do so from the allopathic medical treatments that are used to treat the symptoms that accompany chicken pox. There has never been a recorded death among the many thousands of children treated Hygienically, and without drugs.

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