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The Candida Problem

The Candida Problem Is much worse than most people and escpecially Doctors realise. If you have never had Candida, or Yeast infection, as it is also called, you cannot understand the difficulty people with Candida go through, it is a debilitating disease. This disease is much more prevalent nowadays in the Western World than it was 100 years ago, and it is getting worse. Why is This. To understand we have to get back to the basics, and what is different nowadays as compared to 100 years ago.

In the 1930s Penicilin was discovered, the first of the Antibiotics, at the time there were many other scientific doctors and researchers finding other means of treating diseases, but the drug companies became very rich and with their influence discredited the other means of treating diseases. Monopolies can charge as much as they like for their products, so if you are greedy, control a monopoly. More Antibiotics were discovered which was necessary because those cunning little bacteria mutate a strain that is resistant to the Antibiotic that was killing them..

Doctors now have a range of Antibiotics that they can prescribe according to their analysis of your complaint but they only kill bacteria they do not have much effect on viruses or fungases. In the Western medical world and escpecially here in New Zealand Doctors prescribe Antibiotics as a cure all, in many other countries Doctors use Antibiotics much more cautiously, due no doubt to the side effects. Medicines are toxic, read that as poisonous.

*(In the 1940's Candida was found in only three per cent of autopsies, now the figure is nearer thirty per cent.)

In my research I have read time and time again that Candida is caused by taking antibiotics. I have read this in books I have purchased, Library books, and on the Internet.


The yeast or fungus Candida albicans, of course, thrives during antibiotic treatment. I regard it as reckless negligence to prescribe antibiotics without simultaneous fungicides and replacement therapy with lactobacilli afterwards. I believe that this practice has greatly added to our vast pool of a chronically sick population. (Has this replacement therapy ever been advised to you after prescribing antibiotics by your doctor)

Nowadays Doctors seem to be centred in on the quickfix, prescribe a drug, see if that fixes it, come back and we'll try something else, treatment. They give you treatment no guarantee, they keep getting paid. You wanted a cure. This is not always the case, sometimes they do marvels but sometimes they cure one thing merely to give you another long term disease..

Candida is not an easy thing to detect, usually the doctor detects it in a blood test, but for the candida to show up in the blood it has reached a serious stage and even when you have a blood test it is going to take a week or more to get the results. Candida will spread throughout the body affecting your organs and glands. It can affect your thyroid which will send your emotions up and down that others think you are a nutter and you wonder what is wrong with you. Your brain can fog up and you can't think or concentrate, forget what you were talking about. Men can suffer from Jock itch and women from vaginal itch and worse as though there are razor blades there. Allergic to foods escpecially dairy. yeast, and sugary foods. Thrush, athletes foot and mould under or rotting toe or finger nails are other indications, What is even worse you look okay on the outside and the doctor does his tests which may show nothing and he thinks it is all in you head, and if it is not showing anything how is he going to 'cure' you, and not knowing what to do he may prescribe something anyway. Or maybe you go to the Doctor with the itch or razor blades and he knows it is Candida and he prescribes an anti fungal cream which requires a rest period after two weeks but the itch or pain comes back in the rest period (if you are not getting any other treatment it is a sure sign the doctor is only treating the symptom not the cause). So he increases the strength of the cream. the same thing happens again and you say "hold on doctor, how come I have to lay off the cream every two weeks, and why didn't you give it to me strong enough in the first place?" Well it would be dangerous to give it to you full strength, the body has to adapt to the treatment and have rest periods." OH YEAH! very convincing ay? Attacking the symptom only, will never get rid of the cause.

What the antibiotics did that were prescribed for a previous problem was kill the problem bacteria and the good bacteria that we need in the gut. In the intestines and the colon there are bacteria which break down the food, there are also the odd candida, but in the balanced body they do not proliferate, taking Antibiotics kills the good bacteria and the candida quickly multiply but while they remain in the gastro-intestinal tract they do not get detected normaly, although you will be getting problems. Eventually they get through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream where they will affect the liver and other organs and glands. When the Fungas gets into the blood the immune system will centre in to destroy it but the fungas is so strong by now that the immune system is repelled and weakened and you now have a weak immune system which makes you succeptible to whatever germs, viruses, diseases may be coming around. For instance cancer cells will be destroyed in the healthy body by the immune system, but if the immune system is not strong the cancer cells overcome the immune system further depleting it and you get cancer. This is a much simplified explanation, so do your own research,

If you think or know that you have this disease you need to take control to see that you get the correct treatment and restrict your food to those things that will not feed the fungas, this is not easy. It is no good going to a doctor who does not know how to handle your Candida. The best thing is to find one who has had personal problems with the disease or someone closely related has and has overcome the problem or a Doctor who has specifically researched the subject and is knowlegeable, and you will need to be clued up to find out. Some Homeopaths and Naturopaths Know how to deal with this problem also. Take a week off work and research, research, reseach. If you ignore this you will hand over your power to someone else and pay them for their incompetence.

You have to realise that Doctors and Therapists will be happy to see you for a price, but you need value for money. and the only way you can be sure of that is to gain knowledge yourself..

Another Homeopathic treatment for Candida that IS very effective is

These are from 'Naturopharm' (Health Stores and Pharmacies) and can be mixed together in a little water and taken on an empty stomach 20 mins before meals 3 times a day.

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