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Dead Doctors Dont Lie

Over 55 Million audio tapes sold in the US alone.

Yes, this is the place to find information on Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, Nobel Prize nominee. For information on his books and tapes, just call Toll Free 1-888-545-9996. Or e-mail [email protected]. His ulitmate nutritional products are of the highest quality and potency. Dr. Wallach has his own nationally syndicated radio programs: "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and "Let's Play Doctor". He is considered the "Rush Limbaugh of alternative health".

Are you aware? According to Ralph Nader, 300,000 Americans are killed each year in hospitals alone, as result of medical negligence. (Compared with 5,600 killed per year during the Vietnam War.)

USA Today has stated that 70% of the medical doctors writing prescriptions for Medicare patients flunked the exam on how to do so properly and safely.

According to Harvard Medical School, 78% of American medical students take psychotropic drugs every week. 52% of licensed medical physicians in America take psychotropic drugs every week.

Did you know? Scientists have established that at least 28 minerals are indispensable for normal nutrition. Research has shown a direct relationship between mineral deficiencies and a wide range of health conditions. Sadly, this relationship is not embraced by the orthodox medical establishment. They would rather promote costly pharmaceuticals and propagate the myth that you get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups. This is probably why the U.S. ranks 20th in the world in an average life expectancy of 75.5 years...

Ironically, the five people groups who live to be 120 to 140 years (Hunzas-Pakistan, Vilcabomba Indians-Equador, Titicaca Indians-Peru, Georgians-Russia, Tibetans-China) DO NOT NEED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE OR A PHARMACY ON EVERY MAIN STREET.

Even if you pride yourself on eating a well-balanced diet, you are probably among the 95% of Americans who are lacking in at least one major mineral. Why? The root problem is the mineral-poor land in the U.S. that has seen continuous farming year after year, which has leached the minerals out of our soils. Did you know that our own US. Senate warned that "the soils used to grow fruits and vegetables are seriously deficient in needed minerals"?

For many years Dr. Wallach has traveled across this country and overseas to educate people on their need to supplement their diets with minerals and vitamins. In the late 1990's he finally determined that with all the vitamin products and companies out there, no one was providing products that provided what our bodies REALLY NEED-all 90 nutrients. He began his own company-American Longevity. The very high quality, high potency nutrition packed into this product line has transformed many lives. Mine for one.

Twenty years of arthritis pain was gone in 30 days. I could not believe it was a nutritional problem. I had doctors tell me, yes, I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, causing enlarged, painful joints, and crippling my fingers, and yes, I had osteoarthritis in my spine. They offered pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills. Of course, eventually there would be talk about joint replacement. But no doctor said it was a nutritional deficiency.

I was so unbelieving, that when the pain went away in 30 days, I said to myself, "No way-It CAN'T be simply a nutritional deficiency!" So I stopped. In a short while the pain in my hands, back, shoulders, hips came back. I started using Dr. Wallach's products again-and the pain disappeared! In the four years since, my crippled fingers have straightened up, the swollen joints have diminished and I remain PAIN FREE! Thank you Dr. Wallach. Even the liver spots (or age spots) on the backs of my hands are gone!

Part of the reason I was so skeptical: For about 15 years I had tried various vitamins from grocery stores, health food stores, and various other companies. I had seen some improvement, but it was minimal. What is being offered in these other places have no comparison to the high quality, high potency products Dr. Wallach has put together. Now I call the vitamins at these other places a bicycle for your body, and what Dr. Wallach has put together is a Corvette or Ferrari for your body. How well do you want your body to run?

Did you know vitamins cannot be properly utilized by your body without minerals? Without minerals, the body does not absorb or use the vitamins.

Colloidal Minerals can be puchased from health food stores or Neways.

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