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Chicken Pox: Why Do Children Die? mercola.com (shortened from original)

After going over the report, I remembered why I stopped reading medical journals. In each of the three cases the young boys started out with fevers and/or other minor inflammatory conditions.

Following each regimen of antibiotics, analgesics, or steroidal medications their condition grew progressively worse.

The doctors responded to each new symptom with yet another drug, until the children died.

Having an understanding of Natural Hygiene (note: it is briefly described by Harvey Diamond in his best seller, Fit For Life), I understood why the children got progressively worse from the drugging. But even equipped with a rudimentary understanding of the principles of N.H., one would realize that chicken pox is not a fatal disease, but rather a very common, benign inflammatory condition. And fatalities-as rare as they are-must actually result from inappropriate care, or the kinds of aggressive medical interventions described in the MMWR report.

Food And Drugs Are Contraindicated

During the more acute and involved forms of toxemia, such as measles, chicken pox, fever, or flu, the liver is much too busy neutralizing toxic wastes to be bothered with digestion of food. Therefore, to facilitate the elimination of this waste, fasting on distilled water is essential in such cases. This accounts for the lack of digestive juices produced, and the loss of appetite that accompanies these illnesses.

(Dr. Mercola Note: Please be very clear that distilled water is not appropriate for long term use. You should use bottled spring water or filtered water.)

After cells have been damaged by the toxic wastes, it is important for bacteria-acting as scavengers-to attack and devour the weakened, injured and dead cells. Otherwise, these dead cells would become accumulated toxic waste themselves.

Therefore, antibiotics and other bactericides must not be administered.

A fast (on filtered or bottled spring water, or at least diluted fruit or vegetable juices) should be continued for twenty-four hours after the temperature has returned to normal.

A good rule to remember is that the bowel can be cleared of toxins (by physic or enemas) in twenty-four hours; the blood in three days; the liver in five days, providing no food is eaten. Shingles ("adult chicken pox"), an eliminative crisis through the mucous membranes that occurs in adults, may require about a week-long fast to completely clear up.

It appears then, that fever, dreaded because misunderstood, is really nature's attempt to help.

It is discomforting, but never does harm; never is attended with serious aftereffects and never should be suppressed with anti-inflammatory drugs or fed with food. I have seen many a case of flu pushed into a pneumonia because some anxious grandmother insisted upon something "to give the child strength", such as chicken broth or a thin starchy gruel, both liquids, of course, but protein and starch-just what the liver cannot handle at this point.

In other words, neither allopathy, nor any other healing philosophy may claim responsibility for "curing" inflammatory or catarrhal diseases. Because the disease symptoms-the remedial actions initiated by our own bodies-themselves represent the "cure".

But more importantly, when Allopathic physicians employ pain killers, fever suppressants, steroids and other drugs-which are sub-lethal doses of poisons-they have the effect of weakening the patient to the extent of checking elimination.

This is a dangerous effect, because the waste products of these germs that have fed on the dead cells, together with the irritation from the toxins themselves may be absorbed into the blood, and irritating the already overworked liver-which is the detoxification center of the body.


It's now plain to see why the children described in the afore-referenced MMWR had died. They were given numerous antibiotics, steroids, antipyretic and antipruritic medications and other fever suppressers, some administered directly into their bloodstreams. Probably they were given food to eat as well, even during the height of their inflammatory responses.

The CDC admits that children don't die from chicken pox per se, but rather "complications" from chicken pox. But what they don't say is that these complications are all derived from acute blood toxemia established by the very treatments used by allopathic physicians. So strictly speaking, all children that die, do so from the allopathic medical treatments that are used to treat the symptoms that accompany chicken pox. There has never been a recorded death among the many thousands of children treated Hygienically, and without drugs.


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According to some very frightening statistics, more than 14% (32 million) of americans suffer from of arthritis. Arthritis is an auto immune disease that mostly affects the joints. Of the 32 million suffers, 16 million have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis primarily targets the joint cartilage with its second target being the underlying bones. Approximately 6.5 million have been diagnosed with rheumatoid (rheumatism) arthritis.

Osteoarthritis typically affects the hips, knees and thumb joints in those who have crossed the mid- life line. Wear, tear and injury on our joints creates the perfect opportunity for this painful disease to move in and take over our ease of movement causing the snaps, pops and creeks we hear so often when we stand up, and the unbearable pain that accompanies this dread of aging.

The American Rheumatism Foundation tells us that rheumatoid arthritis most of targets the hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists. This form of arthritis is found less often in knees, sacrum, heels and toes. The process of this disease is to destroy the cartilage and tissue in and around the joints. In the later stages of the disease, the destroyed cartilage is replaced by scar tissue fusing the bones together. Rheumatoid arthritis, unlike Osteoarthritis, targets individuals in their 30's and 40's and of this age group, most of those suffers are women. Typical symptoms of the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis are: fatigue, weakness, fever (low grade), anemia and poor appetite. As with all systemic conditions rheumatoid arthritis can progress from one joint to others.

Incredibly, the Arthritis Foundation estimates that arthritis suffers in America spend in excess of 5 BILLION dollars a year to battle the pain of this relentless disease. The normal route of treatment for most suffers are prescription drugs know as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs are very costly. According to a report by Dr. Kenneth D. Brandt, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, published in the New England Journal of Medicine Osteoarthritis sufferers did just as well with over-the-counter medicines as those who treated their disease with prescription NSAIDs. which produce some serious side effects.

Not only are these medicines expensive, they have been known to produce some devastating side affects. Its estimated that each your as many as 25,000 thousand people taking NSAIDs suffer GI bleeding (bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract) as a direct result of these drugs. These drugs are often times more dangerous than helpful. In a recent study in Norway, it was reported that the drug Indocin (a very strong NSAID) was found to accelerate the destruction of the hip cartilage far faster than a group not treated with this drug.

The evidence is everywhere of the terrifying side affects of these prescription treatments. In the Journal of the American Medical Association a recent report stated that physicians in Boston and New York had become aware of patients afflicted with liver disease shortly after being prescribed Voltaren, one of the most frequently used NSAIDs to treat arthritis. It was reported that patients developed hepatitis within four-to-six weeks of taking the drug, one of these patients died within weeks of starting Voltaren.

Even though reports have shown that over-the-counter remedies can be, and are most times, just as effective towards the treatment of arthritis they too can have some dangerous side affects. These anti-inflammatory and pain relievers (analgesics) have their share of danger. Several of these remedies (aspiring, ibuprofen and acetaminophen) have the same effects as the prescribed NSAIDs, they all block the action of prostaglandin's. Prostaglandin's are the chemical messengers involved in the inflammatory process, the major result of arthritis.

Prostaglandin has more than one role, it also maintains the lining of the stomach. Each year approximately 20 milling people take large dose of these over-the-counter treatments. Of those 20 million, approximately 20% develop serious gastric ulcers. Above and beyond those startling statistics, it is estimated that 10,000 of those arthritis sufferers will die as a result of these over-the-counter treatments. If the previous affects aren't scary enough, there's more. Kidney failure is also prevalent in patients who are taking these or other treatments associated with diminished blood flow to the kidneys. (This writer has personal experience with this. My mother died on Thanksgiving day in 1998 of kidney failure associated with the long-term treatment of arthritis and degenerative joint disease with these kinds of drugs.)

If you are elderly and suffer from some form of arthritis, you most likely suffer from malnutrition as well according to Dr. George Moore, an arthritis specialist. Dr. Moore, head of six arthritis clinics in southern California, says that the majority of patients seen at his clinics suffer the affects of malnourishment. These patients exhibit deficiencies in zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C. The Journal of the Academy of Rheumatoid Diseases published a report by Dr. Robert Bingham stating that 80-90% of all arthritis cases are correctable by nutritional supplements.

There are an amazing number of natural remedies that are very beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and the pain associated with this disease. I will list the most well known natural remedies followed by links for you to research these natural wonders for yourself.

  1. Amino Acid

The alternative treatments listed here are only a small representation of what is available. If you or someone you care about suffers from arthritis or any other chronic illness, please research the possibilities of additional treatments in addition to your standard allopathic care. There are many patients in America who have had the pleasure of educating their physicians in the benefits of natural and alternative treatments, maybe you can join those ranks.

All statistical data has been gathered from the book Amazing Medicines The Drug Companies Don't Want You To Discover University Research Publishers, Edited by staff, 1993 copywrite; chapter 13 pg. 167-180.

Natural Treatment Of Arthritis And The Pain Associated With It by Lonnie Catlin ND(c). copyright HHS/LDC 2000


A hard lesson for a good doctor Too bad the medical texts did not warn him or anyone else.

I have always been the quintessential personification of good health. Being a physician, I have always been proud of setting an example for friends, family, and my patients as an example of living healthy. Except for being a few pounds overweight, I never had any maladies to speak of, hardly catching so much as a cold during the last twenty years. I decided to lose those few extra pounds before the turn of the millenium and to start the year 2000 off in better shape. Besides, I knew that, at 36 years old, soon it would be very difficult to lose the weight as I got older.

I began the famous Atkins' weight loss plan (no carbs - high protein). I had tremendous success on it, and recommend it for anybody to try. After seven months I dropped a much-unneeded sixty-seven pounds. I had never felt better in my life, looked better, or gotten as many compliments. I was truly riding "high. Even my urine and blood showed that I was in better shape than I had probably been in twenty years.

Then it suddenly happened. All in the same day, I developed severe calf muscle pains as well as abdominal cramping. Figuring that I had strained a leg muscle (only God knows how...), I gave it a few days to see what would happen. I also figured that I had some intestinal virus or something that would pass in a few days. Subsequent MRIs showed very small tears in the belly of my left gastrocneimous muscle, so I decided to take a few days off and use a cane and crutches to rest the leg. However, the inexplicable abdominal pains got so bad that a local gastroenterologist ordered stool samples, blood tests, and (in the interim) prescribed antispasmodics for the episodes. Before even waiting for the lab results (which were ultimately negative), I went in for a complete gastrointestinal series. This included an EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy down through the mouth, esophagus, stomach, to the duodenum), a barium, upper GI series to image my entire small intestine, as well as a complete colonoscopy all the way up the rectum to view the entire length of my colon (large intestine).

The doctor said that he had never seen such an ulcerated colon in his life. Bad cases, he explained, often displayed three or four sores throughout the length of the large intestine. There were over 40 in mine. He biopsied several of them and gave me a working diagnosis of Crohn's disease (a hereditary, chronic, inflammatory bowel syndrome that affects about 7 out of every 10,000 people).

There was no presence of cellular granuloma in the biopsied cells (a commonly-seen, micropathological sign for Crohn's), and I had no familial history of anyone ever being diagnosed with Crohn's. I, apparently, did not have every, single, definitive sign of this disease, but (perhaps for lack of a better answer) with that report from the pathologist, he said that it was "consistent with Crohn's" and that he would manage it as such. He explained that this was a terminal (lifelong) disease, and that, although not necessarily fatal it would have to be managed with moderate-to-high doses of corticosteroids (Prednisone) for the rest of my life. The goal, apparently, was to calm down an immune system that, obviously, was going haywire and was inflaming my colon out of control.

I asked him if there was ANY WAY that the diet plan could have been the culprit. He said that, although the cause of Crohn's is not understood, diet has never seemed to enter into the cause or affect it in any way. He even said that some of the high-carbohydrate foods that I had been avoiding on the diet were a good idea to avoid with the bowel inflammation (i.e. milk, fiber, fruits, raw vegetables, etc.) just to be on the safe side.

I am not a user of medicines. Being in the health care field myself, I have more than a healthy respect for the limitations of medicine and the dangers of drugs and their side effects. I have discussed such things with my own patients for over thirteen years. I haven't taken as many as twenty pills over the last twenty years. Now, I was being placed on a regiment of over 25 pills per day (and extremely dangerous ones at that). I was miserable and getting more depressed by the day. I was determined to fight this, not accept it, and research my way out of it, but it certainly was taking its toll on my body and mind. I began to see the end of my career and home life as I knew it. Plus, the pains, although subsiding very slightly because of the steroids that were effectively "pulling the plug" my immune system, were still sometimes unbearable. I did not know where to turn.

The doctor was right about one thing. The diet itself was not the culprit - but he forgot about one thing...

After a week on all this medication, I happened to be speaking to Dr. Tedd Koren of Philadelphia, a friend of many years and a researcher himself, and mentioned my dilemma. When I related my successful weight loss, he asked if I had been using any artificial sweeteners while on the diet in the past 7 and a 1/2 months. I had virtually NEVER used any artificial sweetener before that in my life, always preferring sugar for its more natural assimilation, but now, to avoid the carbohydrate intake, I was using 12 to 20 packets of Sweet N'Low and Equal per day to sweeten everything from tea to lemonade. (also Nutrisweet)

That was it.

He told me that I was killing myself and to immediately stop all use of the products (which I had actually done about two weeks earlier when this all started). He explained about the breakdown of aspartame and that, in the sudden high doses that I was using it, I was ulcerating my intestines to the point that it was certainly endangering my life. That was today (9/22/1999). I thanked him, with tears in my voice, for possibly single-handedly saving my life, and told everyone I knew.

I am here on the Internet at 5:00 am, with insomnia and abdominal spasms, getting all the information that I can and finding out what so many others have known for so long and have endured themselves. The stories of those who lost their lives are overwhelming. The lives that have been touched and the families that have suffered make my heart ache and scare me for what I may have endured if I had not heard.

I am immediately withdrawing from the plethora of dangerous medications and am going to start a program of weaning myself slowly off the Prednisone to regain control over my body and its immune system. I want my life back. I see now that the 67 pounds I lost came at a hefty price. I could have lost my life, or at least the quality of it.

My home will be purged, in the next few days, of anything and everything that contained and artificial sweetener, and never again will these things be allowed in. My wife, also on the Atkins' diet, but a perennial user of Equal, has now sworn it off, and although they hardly ever even tasted any sugar-free/diet foods, my eight-and six-year-old daughters will never again see an artificial sweetener pass their lips in ANY FORM WHATSOEVER.

My personal crusade begins today to alert the people that I know of this heinous disaster.

Dr. Jan Herman, DC

Email: Click Here to Send an Email

For much more information aspartame.com

From David - If you do need a safe Sweetener use 'Stevia' it is a herb and 300 times sweeter than sugar. Natures Sunshine sell it or try a health food shop.


Over 55 Million audio tapes sold in the US alone.

Yes, this is the place to find information on Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, Nobel Prize nominee. For information on his books and tapes, just call Toll Free 1-888-545-9996. Or e-mail [email protected]. His ulitmate nutritional products are of the highest quality and potency. Dr. Wallach has his own nationally syndicated radio programs: "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" and "Let's Play Doctor". He is considered the "Rush Limbaugh of alternative health".

Are you aware? According to Ralph Nader, 300,000 Americans are killed each year in hospitals alone, as result of medical negligence. (Compared with 5,600 killed per year during the Vietnam War.)

USA Today has stated that 70% of the medical doctors writing prescriptions for Medicare patients flunked the exam on how to do so properly and safely.

According to Harvard Medical School, 78% of American medical students take psychotropic drugs every week. 52% of licensed medical physicians in America take psychotropic drugs every week.

Did you know? Scientists have established that at least 28 minerals are indispensable for normal nutrition. Research has shown a direct relationship between mineral deficiencies and a wide range of health conditions. Sadly, this relationship is not embraced by the orthodox medical establishment. They would rather promote costly pharmaceuticals and propagate the myth that you get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups. This is probably why the U.S. ranks 20th in the world in an average life expectancy of 75.5 years...

Ironically, the five people groups who live to be 120 to 140 years (Hunzas-Pakistan, Vilcabomba Indians-Equador, Titicaca Indians-Peru, Georgians-Russia, Tibetans-China) DO NOT NEED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE OR A PHARMACY ON EVERY MAIN STREET.

Even if you pride yourself on eating a well-balanced diet, you are probably among the 95% of Americans who are lacking in at least one major mineral. Why? The root problem is the mineral-poor land in the U.S. that has seen continuous farming year after year, which has leached the minerals out of our soils. Did you know that our own US. Senate warned that "the soils used to grow fruits and vegetables are seriously deficient in needed minerals"?

For many years Dr. Wallach has traveled across this country and overseas to educate people on their need to supplement their diets with minerals and vitamins. In the late 1990's he finally determined that with all the vitamin products and companies out there, no one was providing products that provided what our bodies REALLY NEED-all 90 nutrients. He began his own company-American Longevity. The very high quality, high potency nutrition packed into this product line has transformed many lives. Mine for one.

Twenty years of arthritis pain was gone in 30 days. I could not believe it was a nutritional problem. I had doctors tell me, yes, I had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, causing enlarged, painful joints, and crippling my fingers, and yes, I had osteoarthritis in my spine. They offered pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills. Of course, eventually there would be talk about joint replacement. But no doctor said it was a nutritional deficiency.

I was so unbelieving, that when the pain went away in 30 days, I said to myself, "No way-It CAN'T be simply a nutritional deficiency!" So I stopped. In a short while the pain in my hands, back, shoulders, hips came back. I started using Dr. Wallach's products again-and the pain disappeared! In the four years since, my crippled fingers have straightened up, the swollen joints have diminished and I remain PAIN FREE! Thank you Dr. Wallach. Even the liver spots (or age spots) on the backs of my hands are gone!

Part of the reason I was so skeptical: For about 15 years I had tried various vitamins from grocery stores, health food stores, and various other companies. I had seen some improvement, but it was minimal. What is being offered in these other places have no comparison to the high quality, high potency products Dr. Wallach has put together. Now I call the vitamins at these other places a bicycle for your body, and what Dr. Wallach has put together is a Corvette or Ferrari for your body. How well do you want your body to run?

Did you know vitamins cannot be properly utilized by your body without minerals? Without minerals, the body does not absorb or use the vitamins.

Colloidal Minerals can be puchased from health food stores or Neways.


Western medicine does not attempt to remove acid wastes from the physiological system; so today's modern medicine is deficient in treating adult diseases. Even if medicines cure the disease, and the acids are not removed form the body; the treatment's effectiveness will only be temporary.Bad diets, including meat and potatoes, fried foods, refined bread, soft drink colas and sugars, build up acid salts in the body. Often these deposits, by having to be stored away from the blood flow, can remain in the body for decades. Stress, both mental and physical, can create acid deposits in the body. Mental stress can make you feel depressed. While the physiological, scientific connection to stress in the body has not been completely established, there exists a school of thought in psychology, called psychosomatic, which maintains that one's mental state will influence health. Doctors in Japan, following more than forty years of research and testing, believe that daily drinking of alkaline water can lift depression.



  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Flouride
  • Caffeine
  • Vaccinations - Childhood
  • Large meals (have frequent small meals)


  • Extra Vitamin B Complex and B3-Niacin
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Exercise
  • Weight control
  • Chromium
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin E
  • Vanadium
  • Vitamin C

Most of today's pharmaceutical preparations, because of their harmful effects, may be labeled poisonous," says chemist Dr Lisa Landymore-Lim, who has worked for the National Institute for Medical Research, London, and the Dunn Nutrition Unit, Cambridge. Her 1994 book, Poisonous Prescriptions, describes Landymore-Lim's investigations which have found that diabetes may in fact be a major side effect of antibiotics and other common pharmaceuticals. The book provides evidence from studies and hospital records. Diabetes, usually thought to be largely a genetic disorder, may actually have increased so much in the last 50 years because of the proliferation in the use, and over-use, of medicines.

Niacinamide also increases the production of NAD. Three grams per day given to juvenile diabetics produced remissions in a large proportion of these young patients, Vague, Vialettes, Lassman-Vague, and Vallo (1987). They concluded, "Our results and those from animal experiments indicate that, in Type I diabetes, nicotinamide slows down the destruction of B cells and enhances their regeneration, thus extending remission time." See also Yamada, Nonaka, Hanafusa, Miyazaki, Toyoshima and Tarui (1982). Niacin is Vitamin B3.


Dr. Robert Elliot, Professor of Child Health Research at University of Auckland Medical School is testing 40,000 five-year old children for the presence of specific antibodies that indicate diabetes will develop. Those who have the antibodies will be given nicotinamide. This will prevent the development of diabetes in most the children who are vulnerable. According to the Rotarian for March 1993 this project began 8 years ago and has 3200 relatives in the study. Of these, 182 had antibodies and 76 were given nicotinamide. Only 5 have become diabetic compared to 37 that would have been expected. Since 1988 over 20,100 school children have been tested. None have become diabetic compared to 47 from the untested comparable group. A similar study is underway in London, Ontario.

Articles from - doctoryourself.com - search diabetes


CANCER - 1 out of 3 people get cancer - in 1900 it was 1 in 80.

HEART DISEASE - 2 out of 5 people get heart disease, stroke etc.

IATROGENIC - The 3rd leading cause of death, - doctors, hospitals, and medicines.

200 years ago the air we breathe was 38% oxygen, now it is 19%.

Since the industrial revolution and intensive farming the minerals that were in our soil have been depleted so the fresh vegetables we eat contain hardly any.

Doctors believe in what they do and desire to help you. But they are not trained in Nutrition and don't usually believe in Vitamins or Minerals or Antioxidants. In USA the average life span is 75 years, for Doctors it is 58 years. What does that tell you?

Why is being diagnosed with Cancer considered a death sentence?

How often do doctors cure cancer (without it coming back or somewhere else)?

Are you avoiding Arteriosclerosis, Heart disease, and Stroke?

How many people have you heard of being cured of Arthritis, Asthma?

Did you know the main cause of Yeast infection, Candida - is doctor prescribed Antibiotics. Most Doctors omit to tell their patients to take Acidophilus Yoghurt.

Did you know that Allopathic medicine is mainly a means of treating the symptom not the cause? Most medicine is highly toxic eventually causing severe side effects. Poisoning the body depletes the immune system and is not the way to better health.

Do yo prefer to wait until you get Cancer, Heart disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Asthma, HIV or the numerous other ailments, and then go to the doctor for your dose of toxins.

Or would you prefer to be enlightened how to avoid these pitfalls?


If we have a disease or a serious problem in our body treating the symptom will only provide temporary relief, the symptoms will reappear. To eliminate the symptoms and the disease we must eliminate the cause of the disease. Conventional medical practise seems very centred on dealing with the symptoms in serious diseases or malfunctions or/and removing the organ or body part or tumour.

To eliminate the cause, or better still to prevent it happening in the first place, we need to get back to the basics.

What are the essential things we cannot live without?

  1. Air.
  2. Water.
  3. Food.
  4. Blood, and a heart to pump it around.
  1. The more polluted the air is that we breath in the sooner we will die and the more likely we are to develop a disease, we will not be as healthy as someone breathing fresh air.
  2. Water in our modern high tech western world is becoming more and more polluted with fertilisers, pesticides poisonous waste from factories and effluent leaching into our water supplies.
  3. The food we eat is often preserved (with chemicals), packaged (with plastic), stored for long periods, sprayed with chemicals, grown with artificial fertilizers, or we eat junk food.
  4. Our blood is a carrier for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, and toxins, in a healthy body these are dealt with by the immune system. When our immune system is depleted due to overdoses of pathogens and toxins, and pesticides, and other pollutants it is unable to fulfil it's proper function in warding off these pathogens, and disease sets in. Incredible as it is, among the toxins come prescribed antibiotics and other medicines.

The AIR we breath is affected largely by where, and the circumstances we live and work in. You have only to look through a beam of light coming through the window to see how much dust is floating in the air you breath; this in particular can affect asthmatics. In the home or the car a simple device called an 'air ioniser' can reduce this greatly (20 pounds plus postage from the UK and upwards, check the internet).

We need to purify the WATER we drink, and drink plenty a day. Distilled water and boiled water will remove the germs but it is dead water and the minerals have been removed in distilled water. The best way to go, as I see it, is to have a good filter and add a little colloidal silver to kill any germs. There is an article on my website for making your own Colloidal Silver, it is an antibiotic that kills 650 different known viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens and does no harm to the body. Colloidal silver is not toxic like other antibiotics, which only kill a limited number of germs. (Web search the Internet - colloidal silver, and Dr Robert C Beck).

Another interesting device is a 'water ioniser', this separates WATER into acid and alkaline components, the alkaline water is good to drink because it kills viruses due to its higher oxygen content and it penetrates our cells better, due to its smaller molecule structure. It is especially beneficial to those who are middle aged and over because our bodies become acidic with the build up of toxins, by drinking alkaline water it breaks down the acidic build up and leaches it away including the toxins. The acidic build up is what causes arthritis. (Web search the Internet - water ionisers, alkaline water, Healthtronics). My article 'water ioniser' describes how to make your own ioniser.

The types of food that will build up the immune system are salads, vegetables, fruit, and sprouts, which is sprouting seeds and beans. (Web search - sprouting, broccoli seed (if you can get it), alfalfa, etc, immune system).

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs are sources of excellent antioxidants, which help to purify the blood by removing some of the toxins and heavy metals and viruses. CHLORELLA, spirulina and ginseng are good hebs to take. Check them on the Web. Acidophilus yoghurt is another need, especially when treatment is by antibiotics,

Wouldn't it be good if we could purify our BLOOD, after all that is the fluid that carries oxygen and nutrients around the body, gets rid of unwanted stuff through the liver and kidneys, and most of our body is dependant on it including our brain. Even our hair depends on the blood supply, which is why older people start balding, have you noticed how many young men are going bald nowadays. It is to do with the toxic, acidic build up in our blood vessels, and if our major organs require more blood it is diverted from the less necessary areas, the hair. In fact we call it 'our life blood'.

Why do we age? Is it because our blood is less pure and unable to supply our organs and other body parts with the life force they require?

Can we purify the blood? Yes, according to Dr Robert C Beck, who read a report on the research of a couple of Doctors, which was immediately suppressed because it was not a drug. Being a clever fellow 'Bob' decided the process could be done differently, and easier by zapping the viruses in our blood with a small electric frequency through the skin. Figure it out for yourself - web search - Dr Robert C Beck, Healthtronics, Jaguar enterprises, - Look for 'blood purifier', 'super zapper'.

Are you interested in anti ageing or reverse ageing, that is getting younger and healthier, being free of colds and flue, arthritis and asthma?

Would you like to get rid of, or stay immune from killer cancer and candida, and the many other diseases that plague our society?

Just research the above items. It is easy as, to research on the Internet. If you are not on the Internet, get on, you don't have to keep paying, just use it for a month or so. Haven't got a computer, use a friends one, go to an internet cafe (use the yellow pages), hire one; they're not too dear. This article has been kept brief on purpose, but it is the result of considerable research on the Internet, and that after reading books on alternate modalities of healthcare from the library.

I have never been keen on diets and eat green. After the initial outlay, I can keep healthy by drinking filtered ionised alkaline water, to detoxify my body and provide antioxigents and remove and prevent acidic build-ups, take a spoonful of colloidal silver, and use a blood purifying electronic device while I am sitting reading, which should remove any pathogens, I save by preventing most of the ills of the world. You could too.


The information on this and the associated articles are not to be construed as a cure for any specific disease, they are merely my gathering of information on the Internet that I believe makes good sense. If you have a serious health problem you need to consult your medical doctor.


Since screening began in 1988 there has been a rise in breast cancer, in the 50 - 64 age, of 25%. No studies have yet shown a significant reduction in mortality in breast cancer, in the under 50s, through routine screening.

A Canadian study involving six trials, discovered that only one in 14 positive mammograms result in the woman actually having the cancer. What sort of test is this? The harm this causes is considerable. Swedish researchers monitered 352 false positives. They found that these women had 1,112 doctor visits, 397 biopsies, 187 follow up mammograms, and 90 in hospital surgical biopsies. Even after six months only two thirds had been given the all clear.

Canadian, 3 Swedish, and a New York Trial showed one third more women died of breast cancer in the group who had mammograms, than those in the group who did not. How can this be? Many cancers are picked up by mammograms which would have done no harm if left alone ie benign. Massive unnecessary treatment is carried out on benign tumours mistakenly considered malignant. There have been many cases of Mastectomies being done unnecessarily. It would seem that if you do not have good reason to suspect cancer, leave well alone.

About 1% of the population have a gene which is sensitive to x-rays, placing them at extreme risk from mammograms.

When a breast is squashed in the machine to try to get a better image at up to 20 kg force, it can rupture cysts, and disseminate cancer cells to other parts of the body.

There is a shortage of radiologists at the moment, with not enough being trained to fill the gaps, this means there is a shortage of experience, with new inexperienced radiologists coming in. And you don't know the difference. Even amongst experienced radiologists tested on 150 good quality mammograms, there was widespread difference in their interpretations, and how the patient should be managed.

With all these findings stacked up against mammograms why is it still done? Well it sounds like a good idea, detect cancer early and treat it. There is such a commitment to the service now that a deaf ear is created in those who would have to make the decision, there would be a national outcry by the 99% of uninformed, and it is not compulsory. And if you do have cancer, and they detect it (a false negative is where they don't detect it), they will treat you, not cure you. The treatment usually makes you more sick, than the cancer.

Books to read:

  • What Dotors Don't Tell You by Lynne McTaggart.
  • Health Wars by Phillip Day.
  • The Cancer Prevention Handbook by Katherine Joyce Smith.
  • The Cancer Conspiracy by Dr. Toni Jeffreys PhD

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)- Caused all or in part by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). 10 year incubation period. Has killed 7 million people so far. HIV invades the immune systems white blood cells by attching and then injecting its RNA. The RNA is enzymatically changed to DNA to replicate the virus inside the cell. The blood cell then bursts, spilling out all the new HIV to renew the reproduction cycle again (which lasts 1.2 days). The immune system becomes so weakened that the patient finally is overcome by other infections. Arthritis, Rheumatoid- Results in soreness and stiffness of muscles, and pain in joints and associated structures. Research has revealed its cause as viral.

Bubonic plague- Caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis which is carried by rodents and fleas. Early symptoms 2-6 days after being bitten are painful swollen lymph nodes, fever, exhaustion, headache. It progresses to lung pneumonia resulting in 50% death rate.

Cancer - A malignant tumor or neoplasm. Royal Rife identified two microbes that can cause cancer. Since then many other microbes have been identified as cancer-causing. Important warning signals of cancer are unusual bleeding or discharges, a lump or thickening in any area, a sore that doesn't heal, a change in bowel or bladder habits, hoarseness or persistant cough, indigestion or difficulty swallowing, change in size or shape or appearance of a wart or mole, unexplained weight loss.

Cholera - A bacterial infection in the intestines that prevents the absorption of salt and water which results in dehydration and death. Characterized by diarrhea, painful cramps, and tendency to collapse. Transmission is through water, milk, or other foods contaminated with excreta of patients or carriers.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)- A chronic viral infection which causes immune deficiency and chronic fatigue.

Dengue Fever - A tropical viral infection carried by mosquitos. Illness produced ranges from nonspecific viral syndrome to severe and fatal hemorrhagic disease. When hemorrhagic the fatality rate is 5%. Hundreds of thousands of hemorrhagic cases occur yearly. The classic symptoms of Dengue Fever include a high fever that may last from 5 to 7 days; intense headache; eye, joint and muscle pain; and a rash. The rash typically begins on the arms or legs 3-4 days after the beginning of the fever.

Diptheria - A bacterial infection characterized by the formation of a false membrane on any mucous surface and occasionally on the skin. Usually accompanied by great prostration. Most cases occur before age of 10. Transmission direstly from human carrier or articles contaminated. Typical is a yellowish-white membrane on tonsils or pharyngeal walls.

Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever - A severe systemic febrile illness caused by one of 4 viruses. Transmitted from infected people. 22-90% fatal. Causes internal bleeding with loss of clotting ability which can result in death.

Flu (influenza) - A viral infection that results in fever, respiratory symptoms, headache, muscle aches, fatigue. Can lead to pneumonia. 20,000 deaths in USA yearly.

Gulf War Syndrome - A CFIDS like sickness that in 50% of cases is caused by a mycoplasma. Other cases are caused by chemical exposure or by other infectious agents. Moderate estimates are of 70,000 cases. The mycoplasma is highly contagious.

Gonorhea - Contagious infection causing inflamation of genital mucous membranes. Symptoms: slow, difficult, painful urination. In females: urethral or vaginal discharge, painful or frequent urination, lower abdominal pain, tenderness in the area of Bartholins and Skenes glands.

Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome- The virus is carried by rodents. The first symptoms are flu-like then progress to difficulty breathing due to accumulating fluid in the lungs. 50% death rate. Acquired from rodents excrement or carcasses. In Argentina in '96 it was highly contagious person-to-person.

Hepatitis - Inflamation of the liver of virus or toxic origin. It usually manifests by jaundice and in some instances by liver enlargement. Fever and other systemic disorders are usually present.

Hepatitis A - Contagious via blood and intercourse. Not chronic (not on-going). No long term liver damage. Symptoms; jaundice (yellow eyes & dark urine), tiredness, low appetite, intermittent nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Hepatitis B - Same symptoms as A except no diarrhea. Chronic. Can also be acquired by baby during birthing.

Hepatitis C - Same as B but caused by a different virus.

Hepatitis G- Same as B & C but only transmittable via blood.

Herpes Simplex Type 1 - Caused by HSV-1 virus which affects the skin, mucous membranes, nervous system, and the eye. This causes cold sores or fever blisters on/in the mouth which may develop into ulcers. When the eye is involved, herpes simplex typically affects the eyelids, conjunctiva, and cornea. HSV-1 is usually transmitted from person to person by saliva or direct contact.

Herpes Simplex Type 2 - Caused by HSV-2 virus which affects the genital area with blisters. HSV-2 is usually transmitted person to person by intimate contact. Symptoms typically begin with pain, tenderness, or an itch in the genital area and occur with fever, headache, and malaise (a generally ill feeling). Blisters soon appear on the penis in males and on the area around the vagina in females. In females, blisters may spread to the cervix, and in both sexes they may appear on the thighs and buttocks. Blisters soon erupt to form painful sores that last 1 to 3 weeks.

Lassa Fever - A hemorrhagic virus that dissolves organs and causes death by internal bleeding. Its natural host is a certain species of African rat. Symptoms: abrupt onset of high fever with generalized muscle pain, headache, dizziness with flushing of face, conjuctival injection, and vomiting. Hemorrhagic areas of the skin and mucous membranes may appear on the 4th day.

Legionnaires Disease - An infection caused by the bacteria Legionella Pneumophila that results in pneumonia or fever. 5-15% of cases are fatal. 10-15 thousand cases are known to occur in USA yearly. The people who get the mild fever-only type recover in only 2-5 days.

Lyme Disease - Caused by a spirochete that is transmitted by the bite of a tick. Symptoms in early stages are skin rash, fever, malaise, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain. Treated soon enough it can be eliminated with antibiotics. Transmission is inefficient before 36 hours of tick attachment.

Malaria - Caused by protozoan parasites inside red blood cells. Blood cells are destroyed as a result of their reproductive cycle. It infects 500 million people annually. Chills and fever occur at 48 hour intervals in tertain malaria and 72 hour intervals in quartan malaria. Symptoms of malaria include fever and flu-like illness, including shaking chills, headache, muscle aches, and tiredness. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may also occur. Malaria may cause anemia and jaundice (yellow coloring of the skin and eyes) because of the loss of red blood cells. It's transmitted by mosquitos. Incubation period may be 2 weeks or 8-10 months.

Obesity - Caused by an adenovirus in 15% of cases.

Tuberculosis - An infectious bacterial disease characterized by inflammatory infiltrations, formation of tubercles (solid elevations of skin or mucous membranes), tissue death, abscesses, formation of fibrous tissue, and calcification of tissue. Infection is transmitted from infected people, cows, or contaminated milk. Presently the worlds leading killer.

Yellow Fever - A viral disease transmitted by mosquitos. Only in South America and Africa. A vaccine exists but shouldn't be received by people with immune deficiency. The symptoms of yellow fever include fever, chills, headache, backache, nausea, and vomiting. Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes) also occurs. Some cases progress to more serious forms, which may affect the blood, liver, and kidneys.

Read my page - Colloidal Silver Info.


Nerve Disorders - Alzheimers disease, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, Lou Gehrig's disease, diabetic nerve disease, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, movement disorders like parkinson's and tardive dyskinesia, and in retinal disorders such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. Also used for PMS, high blood pressure, osteo and rheumatoid arthritus, eczema and psoriasis, ADD, gingivitis, gout, haemorroids, hair skin and nails, headaches and stress, ulcers and varicose veins, allergies and inflamation, digestive and leaky gut syndrome.

DHA: The fat for the brain, retina and nerves askbillsardi.com

For decades now researchers have attempted to fix faulty nerves by supplying more chemicals that carry sensory impulses... chemicals called neurotransmitters. They are akin to electricity in a wire. For example, the nutrient choline (a B vitamin) helps to make acetycholine, a major neurotransmitter. Another nerve transmitter is dopamine made by specific nerve cells. A deficiency of dopamine is what is involved in Parkinson's disease. Efforts to enhance the production of neurotransmitters have been met with disappointment. The primary reason is that, like electrical wires, nerves require insulation around them to conduct electrical impulses. The insulation (called myelin) around human nerves is fat. Nerve cells in the brain and retina prefer a particular type of fat in order to work properly. That fat is called docosahaenoic acid, or DHA for short. Where can humans acquire more DHA and thus help to maintain their nervous system? DHA comes from small single-cell organisms at the bottom of the sea that are eaten by cold-water fish (cod, salmon, tuna, sardines). When humans consume fish they add more of the building blocks for the nervous system, DHA.

In an experiment, DHA was given to stroke-prone rodents and it helped to control blood pressure which causes strokes. Surprisingly the DHA also increased the levels of acetycholine in brain cells. [Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behavior 58: 1123-29, 1997] That's a dramatic finding because it means that humans may be able to increase the quantity of nerve chemicals in their brain, retinas and peripheral nerves by consuming more of the right kind of fat --- DHA. A problem with the American diet is that it provides far too much hydrogenated (man-made) fats (as commonly found in baked goods, French fries, etc.) and omega-6 fats (such as corn oil) at the expense of essential fats required for the nervous system. When there isn't a sufficient supply of DHA the nerve cells use the wrong kind of fats and they malfunction. Recently it was found that infants who were breast fed have a higher IQ and better vision. [Lipids 31: 99-105, 1996] That's because mother's milk provides DHA, formula does not. [Canadian Journal Physiology Pharmacology 72: 1483-92, 1994] Low levels of DHA have been found in virtually all nerve disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, Lou Gehrig's disease, diabetic nerve disease, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, movement disorders like parkinson's and tardive dyskinesia, and in retinal disorders such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. When animals are deprived of DHA they go blind. [Journal clinical Investigation 73: 272-76, 1984] Low levels of DHA are likely to be involved in behavioral disorders such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity among children.

Dale Alexander's EXTRA STRENGTH FISH OIL CONCENTRATE by Twin-lab provides 240 milligrams of DHA per capsule. Recommended dosage is 2-4 capsules per day. DHA is an excellent nutrient for nerves, brain and retinal cells. [Pediatric Research 27: 89-97, 1990] Vitamin B12 is a companion to DHA that acts as the glue to keep DHA attached to nerves. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can also lead to nerve problems (a problem called demyelination). Health note: DHA is also available as a vegetarian source (the actual phytoplankton from the sea). The problem is that the manufacturer mixed it in with sunflower oil, an omego-6 fat that interferes with the DHA found in omega-3 fish oils. We advise DHA from fish oils only. Extra note: Increase your consumption of vitamin E when taking fish oils. Vitamin E protects fatty acids like DHA from turning rancid inside the body.

Take Omega 3 capsules (salmon oil)


Leukocytic Index proves the devastating effect of refined carbohydrates on immunity.

Many people have been asking for a mechanism for the depressed immunity seen in people who eat sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Many are known but the Leukocytic Index is an especially helpful one for many people to begin to take this health risk seriously.

More than 20 years ago a large study was published about the effects of refined carbohydrates (of which sweets are the worst) on the leukocytic index. Our white cells are the most important factors in protecting us from invading organisms. The leukocytic index is a measure of how many organisms one white blood cell (WBC) can eat in an hour. Therefore an index of 10 means that that one WBC ate 10 organisms in THAT hour.

The average LI (leukocytic index) in the USA--and remember, average is not as healthy as one can get--is about 13.9. Within 15 minutes, after an individual eats the amount of refined carbohydrates normally ingested in the evening meal --about 100 grams, the leukocytic index drops to about 1.4. Depending on the genetic susceptibility to this problem, it might be better or worse--this is just an average. Diabetics ALWAYS have a LI of less than 2.

That means: the average person loses more than 90% of their immune function within 15 minutes of indulging in this poisonous substance. This deficiency lasts for about 2 hours after the stress occurs.

What is routinely given intravenously during surgery? Glucose water! When Ringer's Lactate (which has no sugar) is used instead, the incidence of post operative infection is reduced by two thirds. The only reason I can think of for this kind of persistent ignorance is that there is no money in changing the thinking of operative routine. There is a lot more money in treating the infections that are created by the Allopathic Monopoly.

Since this has been known for more than 20 years, don't you think it is time for this information to get out to the public? This is one of the reasons I wrote my book Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis. Those interested in practical ways to apply this kind of information to many of the chronic conditions we MDs still consider "incurable" should order a copy.

Search - walt stoll (Struck of the Medical Register for using Alternative Medicine). Some very interesting pages on this site.

If you need a sweetener that is safe, use 'Stevia' derived from a herb and 300 times sweeter than sugar. Artificial sweeteners like nutrisweet, equal, aspartame are dangerous chemicals that can make you very ill. See my web page 'Artificial sweeteners DANGER'.


The Candida Problem Is much worse than most people and escpecially Doctors realise. If you have never had Candida, or Yeast infection, as it is also called, you cannot understand the difficulty people with Candida go through, it is a debilitating disease. This disease is much more prevalent nowadays in the Western World than it was 100 years ago, and it is getting worse. Why is This. To understand we have to get back to the basics, and what is different nowadays as compared to 100 years ago.

In the 1930s Penicilin was discovered, the first of the Antibiotics, at the time there were many other scientific doctors and researchers finding other means of treating diseases, but the drug companies became very rich and with their influence discredited the other means of treating diseases. Monopolies can charge as much as they like for their products, so if you are greedy, control a monopoly. More Antibiotics were discovered which was necessary because those cunning little bacteria mutate a strain that is resistant to the Antibiotic that was killing them..

Doctors now have a range of Antibiotics that they can prescribe according to their analysis of your complaint but they only kill bacteria they do not have much effect on viruses or fungases. In the Western medical world and escpecially here in New Zealand Doctors prescribe Antibiotics as a cure all, in many other countries Doctors use Antibiotics much more cautiously, due no doubt to the side effects. Medicines are toxic, read that as poisonous.

*(In the 1940's Candida was found in only three per cent of autopsies, now the figure is nearer thirty per cent.)

In my research I have read time and time again that Candida is caused by taking antibiotics. I have read this in books I have purchased, Library books, and on the Internet.


The yeast or fungus Candida albicans, of course, thrives during antibiotic treatment. I regard it as reckless negligence to prescribe antibiotics without simultaneous fungicides and replacement therapy with lactobacilli afterwards. I believe that this practice has greatly added to our vast pool of a chronically sick population. (Has this replacement therapy ever been advised to you after prescribing antibiotics by your doctor)

  • Library books - Candida, Luc De Schepper M.D. Ph.D. C.A., 616.969
  • Acidophilus and Colon Health, David Webster. 612.36
  • Thrush, Jane Butterworth. 616.969

Nowadays Doctors seem to be centred in on the quickfix, prescribe a drug, see if that fixes it, come back and we'll try something else, treatment. They give you treatment no guarantee, they keep getting paid. You wanted a cure. This is not always the case, sometimes they do marvels but sometimes they cure one thing merely to give you another long term disease..

Candida is not an easy thing to detect, usually the doctor detects it in a blood test, but for the candida to show up in the blood it has reached a serious stage and even when you have a blood test it is going to take a week or more to get the results. Candida will spread throughout the body affecting your organs and glands. It can affect your thyroid which will send your emotions up and down that others think you are a nutter and you wonder what is wrong with you. Your brain can fog up and you can't think or concentrate, forget what you were talking about. Men can suffer from Jock itch and women from vaginal itch and worse as though there are razor blades there. Allergic to foods escpecially dairy. yeast, and sugary foods. Thrush, athletes foot and mould under or rotting toe or finger nails are other indications, What is even worse you look okay on the outside and the doctor does his tests which may show nothing and he thinks it is all in you head, and if it is not showing anything how is he going to 'cure' you, and not knowing what to do he may prescribe something anyway. Or maybe you go to the Doctor with the itch or razor blades and he knows it is Candida and he prescribes an anti fungal cream which requires a rest period after two weeks but the itch or pain comes back in the rest period (if you are not getting any other treatment it is a sure sign the doctor is only treating the symptom not the cause). So he increases the strength of the cream. the same thing happens again and you say "hold on doctor, how come I have to lay off the cream every two weeks, and why didn't you give it to me strong enough in the first place?" Well it would be dangerous to give it to you full strength, the body has to adapt to the treatment and have rest periods." OH YEAH! very convincing ay? Attacking the symptom only, will never get rid of the cause.

What the antibiotics did that were prescribed for a previous problem was kill the problem bacteria and the good bacteria that we need in the gut. In the intestines and the colon there are bacteria which break down the food, there are also the odd candida, but in the balanced body they do not proliferate, taking Antibiotics kills the good bacteria and the candida quickly multiply but while they remain in the gastro-intestinal tract they do not get detected normaly, although you will be getting problems. Eventually they get through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream where they will affect the liver and other organs and glands. When the Fungas gets into the blood the immune system will centre in to destroy it but the fungas is so strong by now that the immune system is repelled and weakened and you now have a weak immune system which makes you succeptible to whatever germs, viruses, diseases may be coming around. For instance cancer cells will be destroyed in the healthy body by the immune system, but if the immune system is not strong the cancer cells overcome the immune system further depleting it and you get cancer. This is a much simplified explanation, so do your own research,

If you think or know that you have this disease you need to take control to see that you get the correct treatment and restrict your food to those things that will not feed the fungas, this is not easy. It is no good going to a doctor who does not know how to handle your Candida. The best thing is to find one who has had personal problems with the disease or someone closely related has and has overcome the problem or a Doctor who has specifically researched the subject and is knowlegeable, and you will need to be clued up to find out. Some Homeopaths and Naturopaths Know how to deal with this problem also. Take a week off work and research, research, reseach. If you ignore this you will hand over your power to someone else and pay them for their incompetence.

You have to realise that Doctors and Therapists will be happy to see you for a price, but you need value for money. and the only way you can be sure of that is to gain knowledge yourself..

Another Homeopathic treatment for Candida that IS very effective is

  • Candida Albicans - 6 drops,
  • C.G.H. - 12 drops

These are from 'Naturopharm' (Health Stores and Pharmacies) and can be mixed together in a little water and taken on an empty stomach 20 mins before meals 3 times a day.

  • Read the book - Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries By Jonathan Eisen.
  • Go to the library and do your own research, you do not have to be a professor or have a degree to research. Some of the books to read are -
  • Fighting Cancer - a survival guide by Jonathan Chamberlain. - 616.994
  • You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler. - 616.994
  • Sharks Don't Get Cancer, by Dr I William Lane, Linda Comac. - 616.994
  • The Cancer Prevention Diet, by Michio Kushi. - 616. 994
  • Dr. Moerman's Anti Cancer Diet, by Ruth Jochems. - 616.994
  • What Doctors Don't Tell You, by Lynne McTaggart. - 615.704
  • There are many other books written by doctors about what to expect and how to deal with the after effects of the 'treatment'. But if you research you will soon realise that doctors and their treatments do not cure. They are centred in on removing the symptom, and they only deal with the problem from a physical perspective, they do not treat the person holistically or spiritually it is a very narrow minded approach. There should be no after effects of a cure from the medicine or radiation if it is a cure. Chemotherapy and radiation are very invasive of the body and wreck your immune system, if these treatments are not going to cure you there is not much point in going through the stressful effects of undertaking them. Beware of statistics of supposed cures, in my course through life, and being analytical I have come to realise that people who spout statistics are out to prove their point but statistics can be adjusted and manipulated to prove whatever the researcher wants to prove.
  • To combat major diseases like Cancer you have to boost the immune system and stop taking harmful substances into the body. In addition to that seek out anything that will or may combat the disease, it's as difficult as that. And that is difficult if you are a smoker, drinker or fast food eater, and if you lead a stressful life.
  • Why is it that people who get Cancer are usually 'Nice' people? Answer - because they are anxious to please others, therefore they hand over their power to those who demand or expect of them and this creates an internal stress. They will also want to please the doctor and do as he says i.e. don't create waves; don't control your own destiny. If you want to improve your health, take control, take back your power. New Zealand has the 6th worst record for curing cancer in the world.
  • Researching through the Internet Web search -
  • Rife, then Royal Rife, and Electromedicine.
  • Hulda Clark, (Dr.) She has a book and an electronic 'Zapper'
  • Dr. Robert C Beck, Get his CD Rom. (Has details for making a 'Blood Purification Device)
  • Healthtronics, (New Zealand) Make the above electronic devices and colloidal silver. Also sell 'Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries'.
  • Jaguar Enterprises, (USA) Make a variety of devices, and lots of information.
  • Living water, or energised water, and Ecoworld (New Zealand).
  • Colloidal Silver, a natural antibiotic (Half teaspoon in a gallon of water purifies it) it is easy and cheap to make. (Three 9v batteries in series (27v) connected to two silver wires, in a glass of distilled water.) K R C Health - Colloidal S Gen. - Go to right, underneath Colloidal Silver is a here button , click that. Full explanation of colloidal silver.
  • Harry Hoxsey hounded by the AMA, arrested over 100 times, his cancer cures effective.
  • Disclaimer - Nothing on this site is meant to be construed as a cure. If you have a cancer problem you should consult your Doctor

(only part of article)

There are at present increasing rates of imprisonment of parents or caretakers on conviction of infant deaths from the "shaken baby syndrome."(SBS) From first hand knowledge of one case and familiarity with others, we believe with virtual certainly that some of these convictions have been the result of misdiagnosis, the true cause of deaths having been vaccine reactions.(50)

In one case, for instance, 6 vaccines were given at 8 weeks of age to a severely compromised baby. Following a period of clinical deterioration, the baby became apneic about 14 days following the vaccines and, although later resuscitated in a hospital, died shortly after.

The father was subsequently charged with death of his infant from SBS. During the subsequent jury trial, vaccines were never mentioned by any witness or offered as a possible cause of the infant's death. As a result of this and other factors, the father was convicted of murdering his infant son and is now serving a life-sentence. If the truth were known, probably this story could be told many times over.

The MMR Vaccine (Measles - Mumps - Rubella) and Autism:

Probably the greatest concern with vaccines today rests with their possible causal relationship with the growing epidemic of neurobehavioral problems, especially autism, as reviewed in the previous section. Parenthetically, statistics may be open to question, but one cannot question the observations of veteran elementary school teachers who, in our experience, unanimously and emphatically report a marked increase in these disorders in recent years.

In regards to autism, probably the best statistics come from California, where a survey mandated by the California state legislature found a 273% increase incidence during the previous ll years.(51) Reports from education departments of several states and reports from the U.S. Congress on the rapidly increasing needs of classrooms for developmentally delayed children reflect comparable changes throughout the nation.(52)

As clearly shown in a graph prepared by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., founding director or the Autism Research Institute with headquarters in San Diego, sharp rises in the incidence of autism in the U.S.A. took place immediately following the introduction of the MMR vaccine in l975, and in the United Kingdom following its introduction in l988.(53)

Mercola.com - Vaccine Scene 2001 (for full article). See also - Leading British Autism Doctor Vicitimized 12/22/01 (Dr Wakefield)

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