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The Twelve Days Of Christmas Gifts

Take inexpensive or home-made gifts to a neighbour or relative each day for 12 days leading up to Christmas. Choose someone who you can get to easily each day. The gifts could be left anonymously, but this becomes more difficult each day. Also remember, people like to have something to look forward to, and someone there to share their happiness with.

Use nuts, marshmallows, lollies, lollipops, biscuits, cakes or muffins, caramel popcorn balls, party poppers, soap, balloons, candy canes, gold chocolate coins, sticky tape, cheap toilet rolls, apples, tomatoes, tiny angels made from lollies, nightlight candles trimmed with tinsel. A wreath made from plain white plastic grocery bags woven around wire frame, with tinsel woven round that and decorated with lollies, or pompoms. Mini Christmas puddings made from mallowpuffs. Small bags of washing powder.

Here are two different versions, the second is slightly less expensive than the first. After that are some ideas for rhymes with blanks left for the number and the gift to be filled in. Obviously, the size of the gift may vary if given to a family instead of a person on their own.


© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.