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Meaning Of Symbols Of Christmas


Represents shepherd's crook to keep sheep from straying. Reminds us we are our brother's keeper.


Rings out glad tidings of birth of Jesus. Also, sheep had a bell tied round neck so shepherd could hear where it was, and if in danger. Jesus always knows where we are and will help us when life gets difficult.


Remains green all year round and is a symbol of everlasting life.


Tied on gifts, shows we are all tied to each other with love as the family of mankind.


Remembers the gifts given to Jesus by the wise men, and the gift of everlasting life given to the whole world through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the gift of eternal life with our Heavenly Father available to us, if we so desire it, and keep His commandments.


Like the bright star that shone at the time of Jesus' birth. It may have been a coming together of Jupiter and Venus.


Its circle shape shows that, just like love, it has no end, and never stops.


Gives light to a dark world. Jesus is the Light of the world.

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