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Christmas Crafts

  1. Cut a 6cm square hole in lid of shoebox and glue blue cellophane over hole on inside of lid.
  2. Cut a hole 8cm across and 4cm high at narrow end of shoebox. This is the peephole to look through.
  3. Colour figures and glue them to cardboard.
  4. Cut out figures including the square under each figure.
  5. Bend square underneath each figure.
  6. Arrange figures to stand at each side of the manger with animals behind. Place them at end furthest from peephole.
  7. Glue figures to base of shoebox. Add sticky tape for extra strength.
  8. Put lid on box with blue cellophane over figures. Sticky tape down securely.
  9. Hold box to light and look through peephole at manger scene.
  10. Box could be covered in wrapping paper to look more attractive. It may even become a Christmas heirloom!

This manger scene is quicker to colour in than the previous one.

The scene can be reduced in size to fit inside an empty tissue box if a shoe box is not available.

A more simple version of a manger scene, which could be used without the star.


Basic idea:

Cut a piece of red net or crepe paper 50cm by 10cm. Stand the candle on a circle of cardboard 10cm across, sticking it with blue-tac. Frill the net or crepe paper to cover the cardboard. The candle could have little stars glued to it to add colour. Anchor the candle and cardboard to tray with blue-tac. A circle of green leaves round the cardboard complete the setting. This table setting is mainly for decoration, and not suitable for lighting unless watched carefully that the paper and net do not catch fire. More than one candle could be grouped together for a table setting on a tray.


Glue a strip of Christmas wrapping paper round empty yoghurt container, making sure pattern is right way for when it is turned upside down. Poke a hole in bottom of container with scissors. Cut 8 little slits all round hole and gently push candle into it to form a stand for the candle.

Cut a piece of red net or crepe paper 1 metre by 10cm. Gather the net or paper in your fingers concertina-like, along the whole length of it and secure it round base of yoghurt container with a rubber band. Fluff out the net or paper around base and cover rubber band with a piece of tinsel. Glue tinsel to top of wrapping paper strip and around base of candle to conceal where it enters yoghurt container. The candle could have little stars glued to it to add colour. Yoghurt container may be secured to tray or table with blue-tac. Green leaves around it are optional. Due to fire risk of net and paper, candle is not suitable for lighting unless very carefully watched.


Fill glass with pot-pouri. Glue net to top of glass edge. Cover glue with ribbon. Pot-pouri could be scented wood shavings, or dried rose petals.


Bend wire into a circle. Cut bags into strips 20cm by 10cm and tie on to wire. Hundreds of them are needed to fill wire. Trim and fluff out pieces of plastic. Decorate with red ribbon and ornaments. Tie ribbon or string at top to hang it by.


2.3     The Christmas Story

Fold each page in half to form a book. Staple it. Put a cardboard cover round pages. On front page write title, The Story of the Birth of Jesus. Write the Christmas story using Bible verses, writing on only one side of the page. On the other side of the page glue a Christmas card, suitable to the verses written. Cover cardboard with attractive paper to complete the book. Pages can be photocopied if making several books. Take care to get pages in correct order.

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.