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Colour Of Christmas

They sing of Christmas in the snow

  • Jingle bells and ho ho ho.
  • Of families sitting around the fire
  • And carollers singing in the choir.

Christmas here is always green.

  • Snow is never ever seen.
  • We don't rug up, it's way too hot.
  • Some go swimming quite a lot.

As Christmas time draws so near,

  • Why we rejoice is quite clear,
  • A babe was born in a stall.
  • So he could save us one and all.

Whether Christmas is green or white

  • A star did shine on that night.
  • Wisemen travelling far did bring
  • Gifts to place before their king.

That little babe was our Saviour

  • Who laid asleep in the manger
  • And through his unconditional love
  • We can live with him above.

-- Tracey Florence

© 2003–2023 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.