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Word picture about Committment

Two friends grew up together in the same area. They had the same interests and they both learned how to construct castles from granite. This was a something they studied from both of their families and grew up learning this skill and trade. By the time they were both young men, their skill and creativity in the making of granite castles was known all over the country-side. They wanted to continue to live and work and build castles together and so they made a committment to start building one huge magnificent castle - the like which has never been built before. They decided it would be an ongoing castle, to be built over the rest of their lives and given to their children and grandchildren upon their deaths.

Several decades went by and castle was coming along. Every effort was made to have a firm and long-lasting foundation and care was taken to use only the best tools and materials. They wanted this caste to be a beautiful and to be around for thousands of years. It was slow building because they kept learning more about using granite in building, but it was taking shape .

One day, one friend came to the other and said his interest and love for granite castle building had grown cold and he had been looking into the castles in the area that were made of wood. He was impressed with the color and natural look and warmth and majesty that those log castles have. He has started studying the techniques of building using logs and now wants to have a log castle instead of a granite one.

At this point, you can take the word picture in the direction you need according to your situation.

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.