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Scripture Sandwich


Before the sandwiches are made, have two already made and pass one around from hand to hand, person to person.

Explain that our body is like the bread and our spirit like the filling. When we do things that are not right our body becomes grubby and not so attractive and our spirit becomes damaged.

Have a piece of cling-wrap and put this on the second sandwich show it. The gospel teachings give us a protective wrapping to shield us from the world. Teachings like chastity, honesty, repentance, forgivenes - all protect us.

Have a sticker for each of these words and put each sticker on the cling-wrap as it is passed around. Show that this second sandwich comes to the end of its journey in much better condition than the first one.


-- 2 Ne 28:7 - Now "Eat Drink and be Merry"!

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.