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Parable of the roofers

In Metropolis there lived 3 roofers. It just so happened that on one very rainy evening, all 3 houses started to leak from the ceiling. They pulled out buckets and mopped up floors and cursed the rain. The next day was sunny and the crisis was over for the moment. The first roofer, Thad, was very upset with his leaky roof and knew it should be taken care of right away, while the sun was shining. But he was a busy man, with work and some fun hobbies too, and he just kept procrastinating and putting off fixing the leak. After awile, the thought of having to fix his roof made him mad and he didn't want the responsibility and refused to think about it.

The second roofer, Brad, also was very upset that his own house would have a leak in it. It was rather embarrasing, him being a roofer and all. The next day he immediately started working on it. But of course, other pressing obligations kept him from finishing the job. He kept thinking about it and really intending to get back to it, but other things kept coming first.

The third roofer Glad, was also upset that his leaky roof had spoiled his evening and realized something needed to be done and soon. He knew it would be a big project and decided to spend a few hours every day working on it until it was fixed.

A few weeks later it rained again. It rained all day, buckets and buckets. It was too late for Thad and Brad to do anything now. The time for fixing was over and another crisis was upon them. Glad's house, however, was dry inside as the rain fell outside. When is the time for repenting and preparing to meet God? In this life. Not on our deathbed, that is too late. We should continually be improving, repenting and learning because we never know when our time to meet the Lord will be. If we put off the day of repentance, we may find that we don't want to repent anymore and our conscience may be beyond repair. This life is the time to prepare to meet God.

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.