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In a hole

This is an example of a word picture. You tell a story to describe a problem you are having with another person as an attempt to help them understand the problem and then you would discuss how you would like to change.

Two friends were walking along together and before either of them knew what was happening they fall into a deep hole that was in their path. It took a few minutes for them both to realize what had happened and to realize they were down in a deep hole. Then one friend started accusing the other friend of causing them to fall in the hole and the other tried to analyze what had happened, looking at the size of the hole and how deep it was and what the hole had been used for before. Both were now getting very frustrated and angry because of the accusations and hurt feelings and they were not coming to any definite conclusion as to who put them in the hole and what this hole really was. They stayed in the hole for days getting hungry and sick and tired and thoroughly disgusted with each other, wondering why they had thought they were friends. Finally one friend said, "I can't think anymore about whose fault it is that we got into this mysterious hole, I am going to think about how to get out." The other friend agreed and in a short time working together they had devised a plan to escape back to the path.

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.