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Uses Of Ionic Water


Useful in improving the constitution, and regulates physical condition. Unlike tap water, you can drink large quantities of alkaline ion water without the risk of stomach upset, but you should limit the amount you drink to 50% of your body weight in ounces.

  • Unusual gastrointestinal fermentation: drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach is effective.
  • Constipation and stiff shoulders: drinking before meals is effective.
  • Diarrhea: increase the amount, depending on the symptoms.
  • High or low blood pressure: drinking on an empty stomach or one hour before eating is effective.
  • Diabetes: drinking three cups or more of alkaline ion water on an empty stomach is effective.

Compared to conventional methods of preparation, the use of ground coffee, tea, and juices are greatly economized and enhanced.

  • Tea: makes the color of the tea vivid, lessens it's astringency, and makes it mellow and delicious.
  • Coffee: you can use less coffee grounds and still have the same flavor and strength.
  • Alcohol and water: imparts a mellow and delicious taste and prevents the negative physical reactions associated with drinking alcoholic beverages.

Brings out the real taste of the food, resulting in sufficient flavor even when the amount of seasonings is reduced by as much as 1/3 from the amount used in conventional methods of preparation.

  • Cooked foods: the flavor of the foods is brought out well, and the food is tender. The taste comes out fully even with the amount of seasoning.
  • Cooked fish: the meat of the fish is firm and the shape is maintained.
  • Steeping, washing, and parboiling green vegetables: the green color is brought out because of the chlorophyll does not change, giving the prepared vegetables vivid color.
  • Removes harsh taste from vegetables.
  • Removal of blood from liver and red meats: when liver or red meats are steeped in alkaline ion water for 20-30 minutes, the blood is drawn out and odors are eliminated.
  • Cooking beans: the beans only need to be steeped in water for a short time before cooking.
  • Cooking water for rice: helps prevent spoilage.

Animals and pets:

  1. Can be used as drinking water to maintain their health
  2. Bathe in the acidic water
  3. Healthier coat of fur
  4. Less feces odor
  5. Helps prevent skin disease and itching

Dyeing: results in vivid colors in the dyeing of garments and other items.


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