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FAQ On Alkaline Water


Level one the first week. Start slowly... 3 - 4 glasses a day, then 5 - 6 glasses a day. Then go up to level 2 for at least a month. If you should try a higher level and you notice a light headache or stomach problem, drink a glass on "zero"and it will neutralize your system. Then stay on the lower level for awhile.


Doctors say at least 8 glasses per day. You are to drink no more than 1/2 your body weight in ounces.


Doctors say it's pretty hard for someone to be too alkaline.


Because of the antioxidant benefit. It will help rebuild your immune system. You'll have a better chance of seeing physical results if you commit to drinking 8-10 glasses EVERYDAY. This will help cleanse your system daily.


Above 7 for drinking and below 7 for cleaning and skin care.


As long as 30 days. It will last longer in glass containers and in the refrigerator or a dark place but can be stored in plastic bottles because the alkaline water will not leach like R.O. or distilled water. The electrolytic effect will last about 18 hours.


Because the water makes the medicine more absorbable. A 50 mg. tablet could affect your body as if it were a 100 mg. tablet. (Take all medication with regular filtered water)


Acidic water is for germ killing, cleansing, sterilizing and healing treatment. Only used for external use.


All diabetics should monitor themselves daily and use lower levels for best results. Just a reminder that nothing happens overnight.


Yes. Dehydration can be the cause of bad health.


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Yes, (Alkaline) in fact the water boils in half the time. Everything you use water in such as soups, gravy, cooking vegetables etc.

Also, clean all meats and vegetables with Acidic Ion Water.It will taste better and be more nutritious for you. After clean all meats......then rinse or soak with alkaline water.


Yes, on a regular basis. It can leach minerals from your body. A glass or 2 will not hurt you.


In Japan they call it "wetter water".

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