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Survivor Senior Sharing Time

Adapted from the Survivor games on TV. In this case senior sharing time members were shipwrecked and there is only one liferaft capable of supporting one team, members (15 children) divided into 3 teams.

Questions were asked and the first person from any team to answer correctly enabled their team to board the raft. the team leaving had 3 seconds to be clear of the raft or they could not participate in the next question. The raft we used was an inflatable Super Surf as used in a swimming pool, you could use an inflatable mattress or get the young men to make a raft for you, or tie some inner tubes together. As an added incentive those surviving on the raft were allowed rations every four minutes (using a timer), which consisted of a table spoon each of mueseli with lots of dried fruit in it.

Article of Faith Questions (answer according to the A of F ie. Q2 Adam partook of the forbidden fruit, although correct is not the answer.)

 1   What sort or type of God?  (1)          Eternal Father  (not Heavenly).

 2   What did Adam do?          (2)          Transgressed.

 3   What do we have to be obedient to, to be saved?  (3)  Laws and Ordinances.

 4   "All mankind ...... be saved"   (3)    may (write question large on paper).

 5   The fourth A of F is about what?   (4)    Principles and ordinances.

 6   Repentance of what?    (4)          Sins.

 7   What type of Baptism?    (4)    by immersion.

 8   What was the baptism for?   (4)   remmission of sins.

 9   What does "remmission of sins" mean?   (4)  Washed away, Removed, Forgiven.

 10  How other than baptism can you get your sins remmitted?   (4)  Repentance.

 11  (4) Which category, description, element of the Gospel, does 'laying on of hands' come under?        Ordinances.

 12  When a man is called of God what does the person calling him have to be able to do with the ordinances?   (5)  Administer.

 13  How does he perform this administering?  (5)   Laying on of Hands.

 14  When was the 'Primitive Church'?   (6)   AD 30 - 60?.

 15  The primitive Church had, apostles, prophets, teachers and evangelists, who else?  (6)   Pastors.

Some of these questions the children were able to answer quickly but others like the 'Primitive Church' they had no idea and needed a lot of coaxing. These questions I ask to make children think instead of just learning parrot fashion.

Now you have the idea you can make up your own questions for the rest of the Articles of Faith.


One of the surviving skills for those marooned on the island was to obtain food, one of the best fresh foods available was fish so skill in fishing was important.

One word from various A of Fs on each fish, number them for ease of marking.

Place chairs in a large circle with the fish inside, most out of dangle reach. If they hook the wrong colour fish the team get some form of penalty that takes them a short time to do. (Throw 3 rings over legs of upturned chair one throw each, or ball into bucket 3 times).

Team have to answer on their sheet which A of F before fishing the next word, have word under fish.

Team with the most correct answers in the allotted time wins a chocolate fish each, or if one team finish stop the game and check answers for all teams.

David Redmond, Te Awamutu Branch

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.