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Fun Teaching The Articles Of Faith

Children love fun and games and treats. When I teach the A of F my valients have to say the A of F correctly to get a go at the game, and score in the game to win treats.

The games are more of a challenge type.

Magnetic dart board - stand on a chair and drop 2 darts onto the board on the floor, if they land on 1 line they win 1 pebble, on 2 or more lines they get 2 pebbles. If they land in a space or outside no pebbles.

Timer - that counts up as you hold the button down. It counts fast, they have to stop it on 20. three goes, get 3 pebbles every time they win.

Magnet Drag - place 3 coins on table about twice the width of the magnet apart, they have to drag a disc magnet around and through the coins with another magnet. watch them jump when the magnet jumps. Two goes 3 pebbles when they win.

Mini Basket ball - basket that clips over the door or blackboard, three goes, 2 pebbles for a basket. You can do similar with Ball in the Bucket or hoops over an upturned chair leg.

Article of Faith Board - roll a marble around an obstacle course on a board. Shown in Skill Games.


I have a woodpecker that rocks down a verticle pole pecking away, it takes about 10 secs. Its a real race to say the 4th A of F and beat it. You could use a timer or stopwatch to time them.

Ask for 2 or 3 volunteers, give them a biscuit or dry cracker each. They race to see who can be first to say the A of F after eating the biscuit without spitting out crumbs.

Put the children into teams to sort out pasta alphabets into the A of F.

Cut up two of the big A of F charts into word strips so that you have two envelopes of each A of F. Have individuals or team races.

Call out a word from an A of F that is not in the other A of Fs, the children have to tell you which it is from.

Have two teams. Put word strips of the A of F in two balloons, they have to burst their balloon then piece words together.

Stick word strips on the ceiling or high on the wall with tiny piece of blue tack, they have to remove them in order of place with a pole that has a large piece of blue tack tied onto the end.

Collect enough cardboard 1 ltr milk cartons for one each for your class. Keyboard on the computer 'Childs name' 13th Article Of Faith - Popcorn Challenge in 28 font size to cover 1 quarter of A4 sheet. Then type the 13th Article of Faith in 20 font size to cover 1 quarter A4 sheet. Copy and paste these to cover the other half. Use coloured paper if you have it. Stick the sheet along one edge of the carton wrap it round and stick it back onto the end again, the sheet is slightly longer than the 4 sides of the box. Cook popcorn and fill a couple of boxes, staple the top. Choose the two best children on A of F and give them a challenge to take it home and learn the 13th A of F before they eat the popcorn and come and tell the class the 13th A of F the next week. Then the following week you give the challenge to two more Children. If a child has eaten the popcorn but does not know the 13th A of F you ask them if they are trustworthy. Have they betrayed your trust. Teach the others about the 2nd A of F the similarity of Adam eating the forbidden fruit, not a sin, a transgression. Explain that now no one else can have the challenge untill he/she has completed their challenge, so to come back next week knowing the 13th A of F. Use peer pressure. Use tough love.

© 2003–2024 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.