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I am a British-born New Zealander. I was born near London, in the middle of the worst war in history, with 2 brothers, a sister and 2 half-sisters. Our parents encouraged us to have the best education available to us, and insisted that each of us trained for a career on leaving school. In those days most girls could choose from only about 5 occupations - office, shop, factory, school teacher or nurse. I couldn't decide, so followed my friends to secretarial college.


There are many reports of people sighting flying saucers and other flying objects, speaking to alien beings, being taken for rides in U.F.Os and given instruction, or being examined. Although some reports are proved as hoaxes, and others can be the result of natural phenomena or objects, there is much information that has been corroborated by many witnesses and qualified people.

To think that our world is the only planet in the universe or even our own Milky Way Galaxy that is inhabited would be arrogant thinking. What purpose would all those stars with planets circling around be for other than to support life? 'Within our Milky Way galaxy there may be as many as a billion stable suns with their own planetary systems, a million of which may contain warm habitable planets with environments similar to the earth's.' (Baxter & Thomas, 1976, p141.) Carl Sagan stated, " I believe that efficient interstellar spaceflight to the farthest reaches of our galaxy is a feasible objective for humanity. If this is the case, other civilisations, aeons more advanced than ours, must today be plying the spaces between the stars." ( ibid, p. 142 )

In 1908 there was a massive destruction in the Taiga, which was put down to a meteorite, as knowledge of nuclear explosion did not exist at that time in the minds of earthlings. The first scientist to go on an expedition to investigate the reason for the devastation ,in 1927, expected to find a meteorite crater, but although he found the centre of the blast no conclusive evidence could be found. The results of the investigation were not similar to other meteorites hitting the earth. After the U.S.A dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945 new theories about the cause of the Taiga explosion were able to be formed, Dr. Alexei Solotov went on expeditions starting in 1959 to the Taiga. The internationally recognised Soviet geologist Dr. Alexei Solotov devoted seventeen years of his life almost exclusively to investigating the riddle of the Taiga. ..... On 15 October 1976 Solotov declared in Moscow that an atom driven spaceship had undoubtedly exploded in the Taiga in June 1908.' (Daniken, 1977, p. 165) 'From the numerous witnesses who actually saw the object before it exploded in the sky, we know that it was of considerable size and had a markedly "cylindrical" shape'. (Baxter & Thomas, 1976, p. 120)

The Dogon are one of four tribes of Mali, West Africa who celebrate their Sigui Feast every 50 years. They have had the knowledge of the position, gravitation, and orbit of Sirius's invisible satellite Sirius B, which they call Digitaria, since at least the 12th century, but are estimated to be 1,000 years older than that. Sirius B takes 50 years to make one orbit. It was not until 1834 that Bessel discovered the motions of Sirius were irregular, and started plotting its movements. In 1862 Clarke built a telescope with a 47 cm. Lens, and found Sirius B exactly where Bessel said it would be. The Dogon also know of other satellites in the same system. Perhaps our astronomers will discover these one day. The Sirius system is 8.5 light years from Earth. How could the Dogon have this knowledge other than from extra terrestrial visitors? ( Daniken, 1977, pp. 80 - 95 )

The book of books, The Holy Bible, records visiting alien spacecraft and it would appear the prophets of old were familiar with these 'Gods' who visited the Earth. Enoch, whose writings do not appear in our modern bibles, wrote much about and under instruction of extra terrestrial beings. His writings do appear in the Old Testament of the Abyssinian Church and in the Apocrypha. The great sage writes about what could not be anything other than being taken up and entering a spacecraft, going on a space journey, seeing the Earth growing smaller and smaller. ( ibid, pp. 180 & 186 - 190 ) Another account of a book conveniently left out of the Bible by the fathers of the church the Apocalypse of Abraham speaks of Abraham being visited by a stranger and fainting in terror. The stranger introduced himself as 'Servant of the Lord' and takes Abraham on a space flight. (Ibid. Pp. 200 - 201 ) Elisha and fifty sons of the prophets witnessed another happening in 2 Kings 2; v11. '..... there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into Heaven.' Ezekiel chapters 1, 9, and 10 describe something that could have been spacecraft.

In 1952 the wreckage of a disc shaped object was found in Spitzbergen, Norway, 'the comment of a high ranking army officer, Colonel Gernod Darnbyl of the Norwegian general staff, who in 1955 said ..... We wish to state categorically that it was not built by any country on Earth. The materials used in its construction are completely unknown to the experts who took part in the investigation.' ( Brookesmith, 1984, p. 46 The Roswell, New Mexico incident in 1947 is the best documented case in recent times. An eye witness reported a crashed disc shaped object, nine metres in diameter, with dead bodies in and outside the machine, the bodies were human like, small eyed with large hairless heads, and they wore grey one piece clothing. The army soon arrived and cordoned off the area, and the civilians were warned to keep quiet. About the same time a rancher 75 miles away discovered fragments of wreckage on his farm after an explosion at night. When he reported it to the military he was locked up in jail until they had removed the debris. ( ibid, pp. 48 - 51 ) It is a fact the Nazis in 1945 had a prototype flying saucer 42 metres diameter which had flown to an altitude of 12,000 metres and attained a horizontal flight speed of 2,000 Km/h. This was destroyed with the advance of the Allies and the plans were lost or stolen. ( ibid, pp. 110 - 113 ) However this does not account for the strange bodies found in the Roswell incident or the nuclear explosion in the Taiga, or Elijah going off in a fiery chariot with fiery horses in a whirlwind.

The mystery will yet remain unless something happens that is not hushed up by the authorities. People will form their own conclusions from the many books, TV programmes, and reports, or from their own experience.

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Household insect pests are a common occurrence especially during the summer. There are means of control that could eliminate or reduce the inconvenience caused by insects. By examining the lifestyle of insects and what attracts them into our homes it can be established what is needed to reduce the attraction and how best to deal with the insects that still come in.


Cornwell, P.B., The Cockroach vol. 2. London: Associated Business Programmes. 1976

Dale, P., A Houseful of Strangers. Auckland: HarperCollins. 1992.


The invasion of insects into the house causes considerable annoyance to many householders. A variety of insects enjoy sharing our premises, there are ways to prevent the attraction and this should be the first concern. Controlling or dealing with the insects that still come in is the next step the householder needs to know.


This report provides information of the more common insect pests the householder encounters, and what attracts them. It suggests methods of control that can be used to deal with insects that enter the house, and common sense precautions to take. Advice is also given on selecting professional pest control operators.


Research about insect pests have been predominantly library based from Waikato University from the books 'A Houseful of Strangers' and 'The Cockroach vol. 2', personal experience from three years of professional pest controlling in the Waikato (now eight years), and product research.


There are about six species of ants that invade the home, all come in search of food especially sweet things, and water. A foraging worker ant on finding a food source goes back to the nest laying a scent trail to attract the rest of the colony. They nest under concrete or rocks, in the ground, or in the foundations, wall cavities, or roof of a house.


German cockroaches usually nest indoors preferring warm damp places and the dark ie hot water cupboards, behind the refrigerator or stove, under cupboards in the kitchen. These roaches are a pale brown about 1.5 cm. long, and they crowd together. The 2.5 cm roach a dark reddish brown usually comes in from outside, preferring to live under wood, rubble, garden litter etc. The American and Australian cockroaches are the bigger ones about 4 cm. Cockroaches will eat nearly all foodstuffs, and also require water. They can pass through a gap only 2 mm high. Because of their adaptable natures they are one of the more difficult pest to control, especially the German cockroach. Roaches are a health hazard, carrying bacteria on their bodies that are transmitted to men. The main diseases transmitted are different forms of gastroenteritis including food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea.


People come home from summer holiday to find their home alive with voracious fleas. The house has been an incubator being closed up, the flea eggs have hatched or do so when they feel movement and they are hungry. Most flea problems are caused by pets and are essential to the transmission of tapeworms in cats and dogs. Usually fleas live in the bedding of a pet and just come on board occasionally for a meal. Fleas can live for 20 months without a blood meal. The eggs can lie dormant for three years and hatch when they feel vibration.


There are about five common blowflies in New Zealand, the brown or dull black, the blues and green. They come out much earlier and are even more repulsive than the housefly.


Flies feed on liquid foods, applying saliva to solid food it regurgitates it then sucks it up again, this is one of the marks that it leaves on the surface, the sweetness attracts other flies.

They also produce a considerable amount of faeces. Flies can smell food at quite a distance and can taste food through the sensory hairs on their feet. In hot weather a fly can develop from egg to adult in two weeks and has a tendency to resist insecticides.


Mosquitoes breed in standing water and not all mosquitos make the dreaded whine, in fact the tiger mosquito whose bite is worse is nearly silent. The male which does not make the whine does not bite. The female bites as it needs a blood meal to enable its eggs to mature.


Are carnivorous and feed on those other insects we do not like. Most people find the larger ones horrifying especially as some like the Katipo are poisonous. Spiders tend to be a particular nuisance on the outside of the house because their webs look unsightly.


People dislike the sight of insects crawling around their home, and are concerned about contamination of their food, flies and ants are probably the worst in this respect. The brown blowfly is the worst enemy as it is able to 'discharge its already hatched maggots onto meat whilst in flight', and the cockroach carries bacteria.


Insects are attracted by food and food smells. Hygiene and good housekeeping go a long way in reducing insect pest problems, most insects require moisture and warmth. The use of screens help to prevent entry of flying pests, and the use of poison sprays, aerosols and vapour will help to eliminate or reduce insect problems.


Sweet foods should be kept in cleaned sealed containers, meat and fish wrapped and kept in the refrigerator. Dishes and pots washed and benches cleaned soon after a meal. Rubbish disposed of quickly into a covered container. Rotting vegetation, stable and foul manure buried deep in the garden. Flies coming into a house are mainly attracted to food smells escpecialy roasts and fryups, and can smell these from a long distance.


Use aerosols or vapour emitters that plug into a power point. Poison baits for ants and cockroaches. Do not stay in the vicinity of aerosols even those claimed to be harmless to humans it is impossible to verify this. I personally do not believe them, if it kills insects it must be toxic.


Beware - many of them are novices. Reputable businesses should do a good job, but sometimes they employ novices when they are busy. Anyone can start up with no experience and create problems for you, offering a cheap price and doing a poor quality job.

Check with friends and neighbours and ask who did their pest control last year and was it effective. If you find a pest controller who is effective use them every time. Do not use start ups or unknowns because they are cheaper.

Professional pest controllers use a residual spray that is a contact and stomach poison 'very toxic to insects but less toxic to humans , and as it is sprayed onto surfaces not normally touched it is safe when dry. When these poisons are fogged or misted they cover everything, but more thinly so initial effect could be better but lasting effect reduced. Also everything will be coated with poison and this could be dangerous for little children who shove everything into their mouth. The 'natural' sprays that are touted around are pyrethrins. 'Pyrethrins' come from a chrysanthemum grown commercially for killing insects, it resembles a field daisy half a metre tall' . This natural spray is less harmful to humans than the synthetic pyrethroids more commonly used, it has a good instant kill, but little residual effect. 'The application of pyrethrins (directly sprayed) does result in many cockroaches lying on their backs and kicking their legs, but given time most will get up and walk away none the worse for their experience!' Insects especially flies and cockroaches also build up a bigger resistance to poisons as well as reproducing much faster in higher temperatures. 'About four times more pyrethrins applied topically to American cockroaches is required to kill.'


Flies tend to fly into dark openings and if disturbed head for the light. Screens are a great help, but expensive, at least try and screen the kitchen window and back door.


Aerosols create a mist that stays around for a while, some are harmful to humans and pets. Plug in vapour emitters repel flies, they may just head for the bedrooms. Usually the refill lasts 8 hours and could work out very expensive over the fly season. The automatic misting devices puff out a pyrethrum-based insect killer for a short time every so often, and are claimed to be harmless to humans by those who market them. Because something has not been proved to be harmful, does not mean it is harmless. The dispensers are expensive and a six month supply of aerosols is more expensive than fly spraying, a large house would need more than one dispenser. Vapors and misting devices do not affect the spiders on the outside of a building. Professional spraying relies on coating the surface of ceilings walls doors windows etc., and is toxic when applied, when the spray has dried, about half hour, the spray is harmless to humans, and does not smell. For a little extra cost the outside of a building can be sprayed for spiders.


Whereas professional pest control will not mark, used sensibly, spraying can cause marks when applied by a novice, usually because the spray is applied too heavily, and forms in droplets on ceilings splattering whatever is below and tends to leave a circle mark on the ceiling. It can leave run marks on walls.


Screens are the best means of keeping out the flying pests, professional spraying provides a control for the season and aerosol sprays will help temporarily. The crawling insects need to be sprayed with a residual spray and/or use poison baits, aerosols will give an instant kill sprayed directly, but not much residual effect. Vapour emitters and misting devices can work out very expensive.

David G. Redmond, Writing for University Purposes, 13th September 1996

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