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Ethan Redmond

Full Stack Engineer

About me

I've loved developing software ever since I started programming over 7 years ago, I'm self-taught and highly motivated to work on engaging and difficult problems.

I've always been optimizing things, and I'm always looking for things to improve in myself, whether it's new skills, better habits, or something interesting to learn.

I've had a fairly diverse set of experiences, I've enjoyed living and programming in: England, New Zealand, The Philippines, Georgia, and Taiwan. I'm comfortable working on many operating systems such as Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows.

Work experience

Zipier Payroll   Jan 2016 — Dec 2019 ... Full Stack Engineer
I maintained the HR and payroll system used for a call center operating out of the Philippines, as well as adding new features and modernizing the stack.
Specialities: PHP, MySQL, Git, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


Yrs Languages
6 JavaScript
5 Sass
3 TypeScript
1 Java
Yrs Technologies
6 Git
5 PhpStorm
5 Linux
5 Vagrant/VirtualBox
5 SaltStack
5 Redis
Yrs Platforms
5 jQuery
3 Phaser
2 Node.JS
2 Socket.IO
1 Android Studio
1 Google Cloud Platform



  • Seven years experience programming full-time on projects for my education.
  • Four years experience maintaining a HR and payroll system.
  • Strong writing, communication, and comprehension skills.
  • Willing to learn new skills and tackle complex problems.
  • Typing speed of 112 words per minute.


  • Awarded an A* in the British GCSE Maths exam for high-school graduation at age 9.
  • Graduated from a 4-year religious education course.
  • Studied Chinese in Taiwan for 2 months.
  • Won 2nd place in a game jam.


Other engagements

Pouch   Jan 2021 — Dec 2021
An extendable library of UI elements and tools, such as an email sender, an intranet system, translation and TTS tools, and an automated front-end testing system.
Specialities: PHP, TypeScript, Sass, MySQL, Redis, Linux, Vagrant
Hunker   Feb 2019 — Dec 2020
A multiplayer online survival game that utilized Socket.IO. Worlds are randomly generated using Perlin noise.
Specialities: TypeScript, Sass, Phaser, Socket.IO, Node.JS, Redis, Linux, Vagrant, SaltStack, Google Cloud Engine
Lite-Knight   Feb 2020 — Mar 2020
A platformer made in 1 week for a game jam on Itch.io which came 2nd place.
Specialities: TypeScript, Sass, Phaser, Socket.IO, Node.JS, Redis, Linux, Vagrant, SaltStack, Google Cloud Engine
Plannar   May 2018 — Apr 2019
A tool for helping people plan house layouts in different materials.
Specialities: PHP, JavaScript, Sass, Materialize, Nginx, MySQL, Linux, Vagrant, SaltStack
Misc games   2014 — 2019
Learned programming by creating around 11 different games using different front and back-end technologies and hosting.
Specialities: JavaScript, Sass, Phaser, Socket.IO, PHP, MySQL, Vagrant, AWS, Google Cloud Engine
ZAT   2014 — 2015
Tracks employee arrival and departure times with any Android phone or tablet. Clock-ins are verified with facial detection and the photo’s stored on the server, ensuring that there’s a paper trail of who clocked in.
Specialities: Java, Android Studio

© 2003–2022 The Redmond Family. All rights reserved.