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The Suppression Of Cancer And Other Cures

  • Read the book - Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries By Jonathan Eisen.
  • Go to the library and do your own research, you do not have to be a professor or have a degree to research. Some of the books to read are -
  • Fighting Cancer - a survival guide by Jonathan Chamberlain. - 616.994
  • You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler. - 616.994
  • Sharks Don't Get Cancer, by Dr I William Lane, Linda Comac. - 616.994
  • The Cancer Prevention Diet, by Michio Kushi. - 616. 994
  • Dr. Moerman's Anti Cancer Diet, by Ruth Jochems. - 616.994
  • What Doctors Don't Tell You, by Lynne McTaggart. - 615.704
  • There are many other books written by doctors about what to expect and how to deal with the after effects of the 'treatment'. But if you research you will soon realise that doctors and their treatments do not cure. They are centred in on removing the symptom, and they only deal with the problem from a physical perspective, they do not treat the person holistically or spiritually it is a very narrow minded approach. There should be no after effects of a cure from the medicine or radiation if it is a cure. Chemotherapy and radiation are very invasive of the body and wreck your immune system, if these treatments are not going to cure you there is not much point in going through the stressful effects of undertaking them. Beware of statistics of supposed cures, in my course through life, and being analytical I have come to realise that people who spout statistics are out to prove their point but statistics can be adjusted and manipulated to prove whatever the researcher wants to prove.
  • To combat major diseases like Cancer you have to boost the immune system and stop taking harmful substances into the body. In addition to that seek out anything that will or may combat the disease, it's as difficult as that. And that is difficult if you are a smoker, drinker or fast food eater, and if you lead a stressful life.
  • Why is it that people who get Cancer are usually 'Nice' people? Answer - because they are anxious to please others, therefore they hand over their power to those who demand or expect of them and this creates an internal stress. They will also want to please the doctor and do as he says i.e. don't create waves; don't control your own destiny. If you want to improve your health, take control, take back your power. New Zealand has the 6th worst record for curing cancer in the world.
  • Researching through the Internet Web search -
  • Rife, then Royal Rife, and Electromedicine.
  • Hulda Clark, (Dr.) She has a book and an electronic 'Zapper'
  • Dr. Robert C Beck, Get his CD Rom. (Has details for making a 'Blood Purification Device)
  • Healthtronics, (New Zealand) Make the above electronic devices and colloidal silver. Also sell 'Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries'.
  • Jaguar Enterprises, (USA) Make a variety of devices, and lots of information.
  • Living water, or energised water, and Ecoworld (New Zealand).
  • Colloidal Silver, a natural antibiotic (Half teaspoon in a gallon of water purifies it) it is easy and cheap to make. (Three 9v batteries in series (27v) connected to two silver wires, in a glass of distilled water.) K R C Health - Colloidal S Gen. - Go to right, underneath Colloidal Silver is a here button , click that. Full explanation of colloidal silver.
  • Harry Hoxsey hounded by the AMA, arrested over 100 times, his cancer cures effective.
  • Disclaimer - Nothing on this site is meant to be construed as a cure. If you have a cancer problem you should consult your Doctor

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